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Michael Crabtree interview

Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Man! With VD and Morgan's inconsistency dropping balls, I can't wait for Crabs to get out there! Guy's got some hands!!!

VD has been a monster and has made some really nice grabs!!! What are you talking about? Morgan had the big drop against the rams but other than some short passes hasn't been thrown to a whole lot. Don't downplay VD and Morgan to prove a point. Although Crabtree has very good ball skills it typically takes receivers about 3 years to adjust. Hopefully he ends up ahead of the curve and is able to showcase his skills sooner rather than later.
Originally posted by miked1978:
i like his last statement.

"I'm not the one to talk about myself...I just want to have fun"

Lets see how that goes. Most WRs seem to always want to talk about themselves.

LOL. Like "I'm tired of talking about myself so why don't you guys talk about me for a while".

I used to live in Lubbock...and became a TT fan, so have followed his career. This guy's a real baller...quick, very strong hands, not afraid of contact. I can see he and Hill developing some early chemistry. He's got a ton of work ahead of him...but you know Coach Sullivan will be amped coaching him into a guy who can do some real damage. Definitely makes our receiving corps one to son was ready to chuck his Crabtree jersey we bought as a birthday present. Guess he'll need to hang onto that bad boy now!
I just hope he is not another T.O. who in his first 2 seasons was this shy yet emotional kid that was quiet and just wanted to play football. All of the sudden he becomes and elite NFL WR and some kind of beast were turned loose and he became the greatest WR Diva we have ever seen.
I really hope he can live up the the hype. The 9ers could really use a WR who can get separation and get open.
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