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I think I am so optimistic this year because this is close to the same team that was suppose to win 10 games two years ago and they showed that potential at the end of last year finally. I don't see anybody digressing next season, and at the end of the regular season the 49ers looked like the best team in the NFC West.
dont forget the emergence of a healthy josh morgan. and the addition of scott k, or future ted.
GO 9ers!!!! IF we dont beleive we will make the playoffs!! WHAT MORE DO WE HAVE TO BELEIVE IN!!
New OC and QB coach. More consistent Oline coach. Manusky will have the defense all to himself. Al Harris is teaching some pass rushing skills. M. Lawson is healthy. Balmer has been coached by J. Smith. Goldson in the FS position. Norris is back as FB for Gore and Coffee. We have some true backups in the LB position. Lots of WRs, and we will see if the RT position solidifies this year and no Sims and no Snyder starting. With Hill and Smith competing we will have solid QB play with no let down. Defense at #13 last year with a bad start hopefully will be top 10 and above this year. All of these foretell of improved play as a team and I am predicting 10-6.

The biggest questions will be pass rush, Oline play, and QB consistency. If these three issues are solved we will have a team on our hands.