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49ers sweeten stadium deal

I like it.

It's not my MILLIONS of dollars paying for it. The Yorks and the NFL are paying a lot of it up front, which they should get from us in the future. But, not upfront. I believe they are doing what they can now during this economic downturn and a broke California.
i will always be a SF 49ers fan... keyword SF.. Nothing against Santa Clara, but i would find it hard to support them in a long run. Being a long time GS Warriors fan, i get heckled all the time about how the GSW are a oakland team and NOT a SF team.. When the Dubs moved to OAkland for a "new stadium" years ago... I can almost hear it now.. 9iners do well in new staduim and santa clara residents pleaing for the team to lose the SF logo.
I love the stadium design, it has a classic look.
The monstrosities in Irving, Texas and Arizona are going to look dated and rediculous in 15 years or so, but the niner stadium's look will never get old.
I don't see a place to tailgate there.
Sweet Deal! I wonder if the new stadium will include the super size screens like the Cowboy's one
i wonder if it will host a super bowl like other new stadiums did
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