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When will Hill lose his first Home Start?

When will Hill lose his first Home Start?

i like how tennessee has 20% lol. not gonna happen. Hill goes undefeated at home
wow thats really a tough one, most of our remaining games at home seem fairly easy....if we beat atl, i think he could go undeafeated
the thing is he is not going to lose at home not because of him but cuz of the D , they play 10 times better at home than on the road !
Don't jinx him
vs. Seattle - WON 6-0
vs. St. Louis WON 7-0
vs. Atlanta
vs. Tennessee
vs. Chicago TNF
vs. Jacksonville
vs. Arizona MNF
vs. Detroit

I think Atlanta, Chicago and Zona are the toughest remaining home games, with Atlanta being the toughest. If we can get by ATL without Gore we have a solid shot at an 8-0 home record.
Neither of those games scare me, I think we match up pretty good with ATL, I don't believe Ryan can win the game all by himself, we will shut down Turner.

Texas might be tough, depending on what their record is gonna be when play them. Their offense is very explosive, I can easily see us giving up a big play or two out of our 3-4 defense against them; their defense is young and fast...never know.

Bears...We better whoop their ass, that's our revenge game, and it should be a good one.
Never. Why such a negative post?
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