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What Niner gear are u wearing today?

Originally posted by crzy:

every draft this is what I go with
Originally posted by NJNiner:
I am rockin a Gore home jersey.
I am wearing my P.Willis home jersey
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My authentic Willis jersey that I got on ebay for 50 bucks. Plus the dog has his jersey on.
Originally posted by NJNiner:
I am wearing my P.Willis home jersey
I'm rocking Willis today!
im rockin my Steve Young jersey
My authentic Gore home jersey. I would have worn my Crabtree replica jersey but he hasn't sign yet. Hope I don't have to burn it if he doesn't sign.
Originally posted by 9rFan84:
P Willis jersey

Me too

My Hearst Jersey.
My Ronnie Lott baby!!!!!! Its either gonna be a shutout or 3 points. Thats it!!!!!!
I'm defending your right to wear your jerseys today - so I'll wearing my US Air Force uniform instead of Niners gear. It's all good.

If you're at the game today - BE LOUD BABY!
A 49er T-Shirt w/cut-off sleeves.
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