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Opinion on Manny Lawson

Originally posted by PTulini:
According to Matt Maiocco's blog today:

3:15 p.m.: Mike Singletary said a couple days after the season that he was looking for upgrades at safety and pass-rusher. Perhaps, he meant those replacements were already on the roster. Dashon Goldson is expected to replace Mark Roman at free safety, and Singletary has dropped hints that he believes Manny Lawson can become a third-down pass rusher. Unless the 49ers find some answers in the draft, Goldson and Lawson are the most likely solutions.

3:30 p.m.: Proven, big-time pass rushers generally are not available in free agency. The 49ers have shown some interest in Jason Taylor, but so have a lot of other teams. The 49ers are trying to build the roster, so I don't see them giving up draft picks to try to pry franchise player Julius Peppers away from the Panthers. Lawson was the first linebacker off the field this past season on passing downs. But, remember, he did come to the 49ers after a successful college career built around getting to the quarterback. Singletary mentioned he has confidence Lawson can rush the passer. Lawson has not shown that ability in the NFL. But, also, he hasn't been given much of a chance to show that aspect of his game.

Lawson will only get better as a player as he gets more playing time. He should be back at full strength and ability heading into the 2009 season. I think he will have a great year!

If Singletary is depending on Lawson to become pass rushing force next year then we are in for a long sackless season. Lawson will never become good pass rusher, he just dont have the strength for that.

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i tink mann-e lawzon shuld play fwee saftee
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Originally posted by 49ersNorcal:
Even though the draft is months away, and free agency right around the corner, we need pass rusher for next year no matter what. There are few mock drafts that have us taking an OLB to replace Manny Lawson. Some people think that he is a bust, but I don't think so. Sure he shouldn't of been drafted in the 1st rounder but he is a quality player.

It takes two years to come back from that injury,he will be a beast this year
I still remember him and Willis in the opener in 2007. If those two would have been healthy all season, I think things could have been a lot different.
Originally posted by Super5:
Originally posted by Smith2Davis:
He's not a bust but Parys is better.

Parys is better at what??

I love both of these guys but Manny can rush the QB,cover RB's,TE's,and even some WR's(remember the int against STL covering Bruce?)make int's,block a FG and has more speed and range.

Parys make look like a better pass rusher(8 sacks) vs Manny(3 sacks) but that is by design because Manny is expected to more often than not cover those TE's,RB's,etc.Parys cannot cover like Manny can.

With that being said I hope P.Haralson will record double digit sacks next year playing/starting a full season(he has the potential) and Manny will be fully recovered and continue to play at a high level.

I truly believe these two can become Pro bowlers.

And for those who say Manny Lawson is bust after playing in only 32 games,starting 24(and being productive in those games) really shows their lack of insight and knowledge of the game of football

Rush the QB???? Not in the NFL he hasn't. Haralson is easily the better pass rusher. But I'd give the edge to Manny in coverage and SP team play. Against the run, I'd say they were about even last season.
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I was just reading in one of the Matt's blogs that Manny is expected to get a chance this year to be more of a pass rusher. In the past he has been forced to be a cover guy so much that he couldn't get the chance to show if he could or couldn't be an effective pass rush guy in the NFL.
He is 100% healthy now for the first time in a long time and we will know if he stays healthy if he can still rush the passer like he could in college. Sing will let him show his stuff,like nolan would not.
Some of you may not agree, but I think if he is given the chance Manny can be an effective pass rusher.
I'll start by saying that I'm a fan of Manny's and I was a huge advocate of us drafting him; however, as an OLB in the 3-4, you absolutely have to be able to rush the QB. That's a must.

If Manny is relegated to coverage and Willis defends the middle of the field, that leaves Spikes and Haralson to generate heat. Spikes, as you know, doesn't excel applying pressure, so we're basically stuck with Haralson and our line to fill the void. Essentially, that's Haralson, Smith, Franklin and Sopoaga getting after the QB. That personnel package is probably worse than any other group in the league.

The main purpose of the 3-4 is to disquise where the blitz is coming from. Lawson (and even Spikes) severely hinders that. Our SAM and TED has to contribute.

Lawson will get another shot to prove that he's healthy and that he can provide pressure; otherwise, I think it's time to move on without him. By Singletary saying that we need a couple of pass rushers, I think that's a big indication that the staff wants to see more out of him. We don't need Haralson "and a couple of pass rushers" just to solidify the WILL. I hope he can come through because he's extremely talented and does everything else so well.

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Enough of excuses, time to prove by real actions on the about HIGH TIME?
For Manny's sake and the 49ers sake, let's hope he can perform well this year.
We won't know until the real games start this season.
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Lawson is still recovering from an injury. He will only get better. As he gains confidence his play will improve as well. Look for a break out season this year.

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Manny was having his breakout year by all accounts of how he looked before his knee injury. This coming year is supposed to be the time that anyone coming back from an injury like his is supposed to be able to get back to 100%.
Sing says he will give Manny the opportunity for the 1st time since he has been here (except for early in his rookie year) to show his pass rush skill. Nolan and then injury held Manny back but he will be let loose by sing and at least given the chance.
How can we say how bad he really is at suhing the Passer if you are on the bench on obvious passing downs. Imnot taking up for manny but after this season we will know how good or bad he really is. this was the big reason for JP leaving. Yes he wanted to get paid and we werent willing because hes coming off the same damn injury.
he should go see canseco's trainer
I honestly think Lawson has had a string of bad luck. The kid can play ball, he will play ball.

I feel this year will be his break out year, I have complete confidence in him. As an all around LB, coverage, run and pass rush.
Originally posted by Ninerwinner:
Manny is better in coverage and uses good technique to stop the run...Plus I love his wingspan for interceptions/blocked passes...Parys is a better pass rusher and has more beef and lower center of gravity...Once Manny gains more confidence in his knee he can be better than shown in pass rush...Manny making blocked punts on SP definitely helps his value too...

Exactly. 2009...break-out it...

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