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Opinion on Manny Lawson

Lawson is a good, all around football player. I wouldn't call him great at any one aspect of the game though. He really never got going in 07 due to the injury, and I don't think he was at 100% last season. I really hope he can become the outstanding OLB we all wanted/want him to be.
We should keep in mind that he was moved to LB when we drafted him. Seeing as he used to be a DE, one would think he'd be great a rushing the passer. However; that isn't the case at all. I really hope that Tarver and Sing can get more out of him this next season.

And if they can't, then he could/should be replaced IF the team finds someone better. Both Lawson and Haralson have the potential to be really good 3-4 LBs. But as of right now, I'd say Haralson is the better OLB.
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this will be Manny's defining season

I don't think it will be his defining season because I think he is already an established player for our defense.

He is not flashy, and it's unlikely that he will ever gain pro-bowl considerations. But when it comes to game time, I wouldn't trust any other LB more to cover a TE or a RB (no, not even Willis).

And for those who still hope that he wil become a pass-rushing threat, forget it. That ship has sailed. We aimed at a great pass-rusher and instead ended up with a terrific covering OLB. It's not so bad, really.

So why do they take him out on passing downs if he is so good in coverage.

Beats me. Thas my main criticism of Manusky.

where does your assumption of him being reilable in pass coverage come from?

1 int 2 years ago? or something else?

How about the fact the after he got injured in 2007, and was replaced by Navies and Haralson, we just got torched by opposing TEs.
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Lawson 3 sacks
Haralson 8 sacks

Lawson was sent after the Qb in less the 25% of the plays he was in
Haralson was sent after the QB in more then 75% of the plays he was in

Nuff said

Why is Lawson taken out on 3rd downs?
Because we go to a Nickle or a Dime defense
Our defense is a Vanilla Defense. Nolan runs a Vanilla Team, so of course his D Coordinator will run a Vanilla D. Whether we are in a 3-4 or 4-3 we always only rush 4 players and Haralson is always that 4th player.

I will put money on the line saying, if you send Lawson to the QB as many times in one year as the send Haralson. Lawson will come out with more sacks easily.
And this next season will be the first with a coach specificly for the PASS RUSH, hope it helps (all, not just Manny).
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Originally posted by Apples:
Jesus, he's not a bust, he's one of our best defensive players! He's not a great pass rusher, but he's damn good in coverage!


I agree Manny has a much brighter upside than down and he will get bettter and better now that we have a defensive IDENTITY
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I've said it from day one.

Lawson is an absolute freak of nature.


His raw athleticism makes him an asset in any position.

Once again, as I like to point out in threads like these.....

- Height: 6-5 Weight: 240 Age: 24

Born: 7/3/1984 Goldsboro , NC

College: North Carolina State

Experience: 3rd season

3 sacks 45 tackles this season

Julian Peterson

Height: 6-3 Weight: 240 Age: 30

Born: 7/28/1978 Hillcrest Heights , MD

College: Michigan State

Experience: 9th season

High School: Crossland HS [Temple Hills, MD]

5 sacks 80 blocked field goals

yep yep...blocked field goals are the kicker lol.

i love manny, hes an all around player. alot of our guys just dont look so good cuz they need help from the other positions. i dont really expect both olb to be amazing pass rushers, one should be, the other, should have the ability to tackle really well and play good in coverage. i think hes one of our best players, and see no reason to sit him at all. plus we have the 2 fastest LB when hes on the field

Glad to see someone that has more sense than some ''vets.''
Manny is a good player. He isn't the pass rushing linebacker, Parys is and he did a pretty good job last year. What would really help the D is a big, active nose tackle like Raji.
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Wouldn't the OLB be replacing Haralson?

He will replace Roderick Green!
Manny is solid football player. He didn't exist in Nolan's Big Nickel defense, but after Nolan was fired, he finished with a pretty good season. With Singletary in there, Manusky established the base 3-4 and finally left Manny on the field.

Manny got his 3 sacks under Singletary and I think it's fair to assume that he would've put up much better numbers if he played an entire season under Singletary and a base 3-4.
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yeah, he's run down some amazing plays...had his first interception this year, and I thought played pretty well in the time he was given. I think if we had better edge rushers it would make him more dangerous...but, when we have willis, and smith, it does't give the defense a whole lot of options to focus lawson is easily stopped

it was not his first INT.

Haralson is just better off on third downs rushing the passer.
Manny is the most overrated player in the webzone.
2009 will be a defining seasons for Lawson with the 49ers. He is going into his fourth year, he will be two years removed from his knee injury and he has to prove he is an every down player. I personally think he is close and our defense improved and Lawson played well after Nolan was fired and Manusky ran the defense.

Lawson is basically the opposite of what most people thought he would be in the NFL, at least early on. He ws projected as a very good pass rusher who may have problems vs the run and may not be athletic or fluid enough to be a 3-4 OLB in pass coverage. Well thus far, he has shown he is pretty good in pass coverage and suprisingly strong vs the run but has been almost a non factor as a pass rusher. He relies only on his speed and has shown no pass rush moves and gets stood up if he does not beat his man with his speed.

That being said, I thought in 2007, before he hurt his knee, he was making great strides as a pass rusher as he looked very good vs Arizona in Week 1 and St.Louis week 2, but then of course he tore his ACL.

Im also very curious and excited to see how Al Harris, our new Pass rush specialist coach, can help Lawson. For years we haven't had a guy on our coaching staff who can teach pass rush moves and/or a guy who has played DE/OLB in the NFL, now we finally have one.

I think worst case scenario we could have a Parys Haralson/Manny Lawson combo at LOLB, with Lawson playing 1st and 2nd down and Haralson playing 3rd downs and passing downs.

I don't know if there is a DE/OLB worth taking at 10. Everett Brown from Florida State is really intriguing but he is a little risky and I think Green Bay will take him at 9 anyway. I am not very big on Brian Orakpo from Texas. He has a lot of potential but to me his still very raw and I don't view him as a difference maker. He kind of reminds me of a defensive version of Vernon Davis. He has great workout numbers and looks the part, but he doesen't seem like a natural athlete and just doesen't seem like a natural football player.
It annoys me when people talk about the Steelers LB's and say things like they all make plays and they're small, I'm sure people like Manny would be fine if he had an NT taking up two blockers a DE who eats up one on one's a WILL that takes two blockers and a SS that fills in his lanes in a flash if he overpursues.

Manny is a decent player and could excel in the right situation. We have no one on our roster who could do his job better than him, he is solid in coverage and is getting strong enough to beat TE's and backs quickly but still needs work to beat OT's (btw not many 3-4 SAM's can straight up).

We have many positions that can use upgrading, someone like Curry would fit well, but we could do a lot worse than Manny, and don't underestimate how much of a factor a blown ACL is to guys that need to flex and twist a lot it's hard for guys like that especially guys that need to rush the passer
I think 2009 could be a BIG YEAR for Manny Lawson. As long as he can stay healthy, I think Manny will see a lot more playing time in our defense next season. I would like to see what Manny could do when given more of a chance to rush the passer. How do you think Manny will do in Greg Manusky's defense?
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