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What happens if there's a tie atop the NFC West?

Originally posted by Beezy33:
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Assuming we have the same record and go 1-1 against each other...

Next is division record, if same then,
Conference record, if same then,
Similar opponents (we've both lost to Colts), if same then,
Strength of schedule... This is where we have the advantage (GB >>>> MIN, and WAS is >= NYG)

So, the obvious need is to continue winning and beat SEA. Then it's going 5-1 in-division. Then it's not losing another conference game (especially NO, CAR, TB, and ATL because they are shared opponents).

In all honesty, it will very difficult to win the division, unless the Hawks lose to a 'shared opponent' team.

I agree with this, they have a better chance of winning the division based on the last 8 games and where they lie and are played for both teams. The one advantage we may have is that I feel the Hawks have peaked already, whereas the Niners have not and are getting lots of depth back, and Seattle isn't looking too hot offensively right now.

I will be amazed if the Niners make it through the next 3 games without 1 loss. I honestly think our season for a division title comes down to the 11/17 game in NO. If we don't have Aldon for that game, I'm not sure we'll get enough pass rush on Brees to pull that out. If we win that, we will be in the driver's seat for the division. If we lose, I feel we can still win out, but we'll finish a game behind the Hawks and be possibly one of the best 5 seeds in NFL history that no one will want to face.

I've been projecting since the beginning of the season that our road to the SB will be WC game at DAL (4 seed), DIV game at NO (1 seed), and NFC Champ Game at SEA (2 seed) or GB (3 seed). As good as the Niners are, that may be too much to ask, but if there's any team that can get it done, it's them!

The last 3 SB winners have been 5 seeds: BAL, NYG, and GB all had to win multiple road games for the 'ship
Originally posted by GNielsen:
Yes. If the Niners win out, and assuming Seattle wins out except for a loss in SF, the Niners win on the strength of schedule tie breaker and Seahawk fans are screaming like stuck pigs.

f**k yeah. It's time to start dominating. Must win out!!
Seattle will lose at least two more games to either NYG yes NYG , or ATL, NO, but for sure when they come to the bay. Even if we lose to NO (high possibility) win out the rest and were good.. That simple right ?
If we win out we win the superbowl regardless. Because. well because we win out. I mean how much simpler can it be? Good news is we know how to put a few games together now. So I think we will be in good shape. I know its optimistic but I have this vision of a juggernaught that emergeges when we get healthy. As others have pointed out. Division or no division. If we play to our potential in the playoffs we can't be beat.
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let's take it 1 game at a time
Originally posted by eamjr10:
let's take it 1 game at a time

The team will take it one game at a time. We the fans can look as far ahead as we want .
Originally posted by eamjr10:
let's take it 1 game at a time

Good point. Hopefully we can get Mario into the mix during the bye and get a good win vs. Carolina.
Russel Wilson explodes.
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Originally posted by GNielsen:
I don't think the Saints are going to lose another game so I think the Niners have to win out to get home field advantage. But, I also think that in the playoffs, anything can happen including going up to Clink, knocking the Seahawks out of the playoffs and shocking the NFL. Stranger things have happened.

'87: NIners lead the league in both offense and defense, have the first seed and a bye, but still get knocked off by a wild card team in their first playoff game despite being 12 point favorites.

'88: Niners are 11 point underdogs and as a wild card team have to go back to play in Chicago in -25 degree weather - they plaster the heavily favored Bears something like 28-3.

you saying we gonna lose to the saints when we play them in the reg season??

update the list
Head coaches arm wrestle for it

What happens if there's a tie on top of the NFC WEST?

Ummmm....You untie it? Plain and Simple.
Originally posted by ChipDouglas510:
Head coaches arm wrestle for it

Well if thats the case, we would advance because Harbaugh would DESTROY Old Lady Pete"The Cheat"Carroll.
Originally posted by real9erfan:
Originally posted by eamjr10:
let's take it 1 game at a time

The team will take it one game at a time. We the fans can look as far ahead as we want .

Exactly. I don't know why fans say things like this. We can overlook any opponent and it will make absolutely no difference whatsoever. We don't play or coach for the team.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:

Nice. That was comprehensive. lol
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How to make sure fans feel safe from a tie... demolish every opponent coming up and annihilate the CAWK suckers!

Saints will lose at least 2 more and we control the CAWK sucker's destiny
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