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RUMOR:Lions Looking At Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly (PFT)

Lions have talent. But suspect character in some players. A ticking time bomb until the team falls apart. They can see it coming, so they want Swartz to hurry up and have a winning playoff season or else.

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Detroit is a solid team

from quarters 1-3. Just like the cowboys, they cannot win close games.
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They will never win as long as they have to pay 101 million between 2 players.
Pretty cool ending tho.

61 yard field goal. Lions season is OVER.
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May the Schwartz be with you.
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Schwartz will go to the Niners as Senior Defensive Consultant

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May the Schwartz be with you.

Haha he will be unemployed next week
Lions could get much better with a new coach like we did

Roman would look great in a "ND" hat.
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Roman would look great in a "ND" hat.

I don't want him to jump s**t from my fav. pro team to my fav. college team.
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