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Do you really think it's gonna be a close game?

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Originally posted by Joecool:
The big thing for the Ravens is that they are coached very well and have a coach that knows our head coach better than anyone.

One thing we are about is the element of surprise. I don't think we get that as much vs John.

However, so happy we have Boone instead of Chilo. I seriously think Boone or Iipati alone can take on Ngata.

We are?
Originally posted by frozen49er:
I predicted a 42-10 49er rout of the Ravens. Ill stick to that. Its nothing against John or the Ravens, I think they are a good team. But we are a great team. We win every matchup against them. It wont be close. Maybe early, or even at half it will be, but come the 3rd, this game is over. Cheers.

You telling me tha Niners score 28 plus in the second half alone?!
Not really. Although it might take a while to blow the game open, like the Green Bay game. I got us by 16.
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