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Intense breakdown of locker room Halftime from a former NFL lineman (and StOnEy, too!)

So this ex Pat/Raider lineman, Brian Holloway....he gets all John Madden with what really happens in the 12 minutes of halftime. I actually found these kind of neat to watch. Watch the first one at the very least, and you'll probably end up watching the rest lol. Eventually you'll get to Part 8 - Bathroom Secrets Revealed.

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Just watched the whole thing, didn't think I was going to when I played the first one to see the just of it. Pretty intriguing stuff!
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Just watched the whole thing, didn't think I was going to when I played the first one to see the just of it. Pretty intriguing stuff!

It's like a whiteboard drama
won't watch, lol.
Wow, that was great stuff. I didn't think I'd watch more than one, but I ended up going through all of them.
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And they'll even spit on you. So that's nasty.
Pretty interesting stuff.

Anyone else catch his missing pinky on the right hand? Yeesh
just watched all the videos, good stuff
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Gripping stuff, thanks for posting! This guy should write a football movie.

They give motivational speeches and drop their pants.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
They give motivational speeches and drop their pants.

rofl yeah because that's normal
Dayum - episode #9 about guys getting into that "dark place" - remember that uncle that watched you and your sister and raped you as a child
Sounds like a whole lot of nothin!
Some of what this guy says is true, but it's definitely an old school point of view. Some of you know that I've worked the visiting locker room and sideline of some games in oakland. I've seen first hand what does and doesn't go on. First off, there isn't the crazy amount of security that's "packin", like he says there is. Nobody is packing. Not even the guys outside the door checking credentials. I wouldn't doubt that there could be somebody with the organization that could be, but it's not like he says there is. Out of all the teams I've worked with, the 49ers actually have the most security in the locker room and on the sideline. The main dude is a real ball buster. I've seen him at training camp too, and he's a real dick.

Teams have people in the locker room the whole game, so they sorta just keep an eye on there own stuff. Nobody is allowed in without the big daddy credential, which is what I would have. That gets you in the locker room and on the inner sideline (on the tarp). The people watching these credentials are familiar with you because we've been there all morning.

The kickers aren't the last people to leave the locker room. They're the first. They really don't have much to hear at halftime, so they leave early to go warm up. I'd say about halfway through halftime they're back out on the field.

There's definitely guys getting the needle in the locker room. And I've even heard guys screaming their ass off in pain. Not always, but I've heard it. Not all locker rooms are set up like he described, but it's pretty much like he said. They don't separate the offense and defense for some mentality, blah blah blah. It's so that the individual teams can be told different stuff and hear what's said. Some teams have 2 white boards on either side of the room. Some have one in the middle with the different teams on each side of it. I've never really noticed teams screaming at each other and arguing. For the most part, it's pretty quiet. Except maybe from the HC, that I've seen giving the team a lashing for f**king up.

As far as the energy drinks and packets and stuff, that s**t is everywhere. The most ridiculous team I've seen was the bears, who had so much s**t, they were begging us to take it home because they didn't want to have to pack it and take it with them. lol

The colts were pretty hardcore when they got in. They had guys with high tech equipment looking into vents and s**t for spy equipment that the raiders might be using. We sorta just laughed and told them that the raiders were too cheap for anything like that. They said Dungy was crazy about that stuff.

One thing that's funny is there's always b***hing from the visiting teams in oakland because I guess there's usually a gift package for every single player and coach from the home team. Usually it's from a sponsor. They've said that there is usually like cellphones, jewelry, watches, and all sorts of electronic toys like portable game devices and stuff. Oakland doesn't do anything like that. lol I've never once seen anything like that passed out in that locker room. It would pretty much be my job to pass that stuff out, too. Nothing. The players talk mad s**t about the raiders organization for stiffing them on that stuff. I guess it's pretty much the norm around the league. Even for the really small market teams.
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