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It's like Baalke was talking about in an article after the draft. It's about the angles. Reid is smart.. he will quickly learn in our D not to overcompensate and take proper angles. Once he does this, the sure tackles will come. I think he will fit in well, if we can keep him in more of a zone D.. cover 1 and quarters will be great for Reid.

Exactly...he knows he's going to have to learn the pro game and take proper angles, timing, etc. That said, he looks like a natural back there and has all the skills necessary to become a very good pro (plus all the intangibles). That said, he won't have to make up for players mistakes as often here so he "should" be able to just focus on his assignments and play within his game. It's just a matter of time before he is wearing the dot on his helmet as well. At this juncture, with the added pass rush and rotation, I'm more curious to see how Fangio calls the schemes and how far he lines up Reid in the backfield.