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For the overall worst draft class, based on value for picks, talent of picks, fitting scheme:

1. Detroit Lions- Two DEs in their first four picks, an interior OL, a corner who is boom or bust in Slay. This draft just looks ridiculous.
2. Indianapolis Colts- Drafted a 43 DE as their 34 OLB, then drafted three slow, plodding interior lineman. Makes zero sense.
3. New York Giants- Pass on Eifert to draft Pugh, who will have to play guard in the NFL. Hankins plays with little passion, Moore is slow as molasses. Yuck!
4. Dallas- Hated their first three picks in Frederick, Escobar and T. Williams. Love their next two in Wilcox and Webb. Frederick in the first. Ugly!
5. NE Patriots- The decline of the Pats is going to happen real soon. After the solid pick of Collins, they follow it with Dobson, Ryan, Harmon. Bad, bad, bad.

These aren't the only ugly drafts, but a good start.

Disagree on Patriots draft. Harmon is a head scratchee. But Dobson and Ryan are good players.

They also took Boyce.

I don't expect much from Boyce from day 1, he is a junior and he broke his foot. But he is going to be a dynamic threat that Brady is going to use quite a bit.