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Happy with the draft?

Happy with the draft?

oh my bad, yahoo listed him as a DB. maybe it was a typo
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
im not gonna complain about a 7th round qb lol. the whole draft was amazing. and that big corner we got at the end sounds really promising. the two early DEs are both studs, dial looks to be our future NT with a mean streak, Eric Reid will be a beast in our scheme, the TE looks like the complete package, lattimore and patton were both huge steals. this draft was way more predictable than the last two but i think its because of how few holes this team has. we drafted for need but many times these guys were BPA.

I sure hope this is true - I would have preferred us trading up for Williams in the 5th.

About the second emphasized text, couldn't agree with you more...freakin' awesome value!
I am pretty sure I would let Trent Baalke bang my wife after this draft, if he asked...