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Take a chance on Bacarri Rambo

He did get suspended. He did have off the field issues. I think all of that gave scouts no reason to put positives in reports on him. Most think he isn't fast or athletic. I couldnt disagree more. He's shown he can be a disruptive SS. From most of the Georgia games I had a chance to see he always seemed to make plays. Big hit, FF, or tone setting tackle. Now, IM NOT HATING ON WHITNER, but If I am not mistaken no defensive back allowed more TDs then Whitner. Whether 1on1 or in multiple coverages. It wouldnt hurt to begin taking chances on guys who can be gems.
i think i had a baccari and rambo at the bar last night
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Just for having a player name Rambo
Rambo didn't impress me if Shamarko Thomas for SS would be my pick
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We've figured out Harbaalke's draft pattern! They like the guys with cool names: TANK Carradine, Corey Lemon, Vance McDonalds :)
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