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Josh Evans

I really think this guy would be a great value, as he can project into any number of roles for us. I know we drafted Reid, but maybe he can play strong safety. If that doesn't work, maybe we slide Reid over to strong safety and let him play free. One interesting thing about the safety position is that most coaches now say that they would like interchangeable safety's. This is something that we don't currently have with Donte, who is a predominatly an in the box player. I have also heard it said that some coaches plan to convert him into a big corner. Are we one of these teams? It would be interesting to find out. In additon to all of these potential benefits, there is also the contribution he would make on special teams. It seems to me that he is quite a versitile player, one that would be well worth the risk on day three.
Sanders Commings is another guys who may offer some of the same versitility options.
I want us to draft Josh Evans badly today. I think him and Eric Reid would be a nice combo
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