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why no def-tackle

why did we draft two d-ends and no d-tackle they think doresy is the answer?

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i think the team/staff really like Jesse Williams

and Glen Dorsey will be a decent rotation guy
I think they looked at how much Soap was on the field last year and decided to make a philosophical shift to smaller guys.
i dont think our defensive scheme calls for a calssic 3-4 NT like Ngata.
1 is a OLB (Lemonier) another is a Justin Smith type DE in the future (Carradine). Coaches see something in Ian Williams, hints the extention, and Dorsey will play there also.
They could be high on Dorsey and Ian Williams. At this time two years ago a lot of us were screaming to draft him more than any NT this year.
One will be a 3-4 DE, the other a OLB or will just line up at DE in the nickel. We already have Ian Williams and Glenn Dorsey as well. Although I will admit I want a NT that can take some of the pressure off of Justin Smith. Hopefully Dorsey and Williams can be those guys, but that is a big hope.
I think Williams and Dorsey can handle the NT position. If Jesse Williams continues to slide in round 4 we could pick him up.
We played with four down lineman 66% of the snaps last year. Our pass rush died last year because of no depth. The Carradine pick is the most perplexing unless he gains 25 lbs at least. It really wouldn't surprise me to see us playing a true 4-3 a decent amount of time. Watch out for Brooks to go back to his old position of ILB with Bowman and Willis as OLB's...and Aldon and Carradine as true DE's.
I think the 49ers could have more defensive schemes that bring Justin and Ray inside, with Aldon and Carradine on the outside with Lemonier rotating in. I'd still like to see them add a quality NT and unless Jesse Williams has some crazy medical report, I think he'd be worth trading up for.

Agreed on trading up for Jesse Williams.
We may still draft a DT/NT, Soap was a 4th rd pick and RJF was a 7th rd pick. In a pass happy league it appears they don't put a lot of value on d lineman to just take on blockers. They want D linemn that can rush the passer but still play the run.
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