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10 Acceptable names for pick 34

Margus Hunt
Terron Armstead
Gavin Escobar
Robert Woods
Jesse Williams
Keenan Allen
Johnathan Hankins
Alex Okafor
Brian Schwenke
Jamie Collins

These are great second day picks, not 34 only. 10 names for one spot is hard to think of.
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
No Hunt??

He didn't dominate the Senior Bowl, so people don't like him anymore. He is also too good to be true as an athlete, so they hold that against him as well.
I think he is perfect for us. He will be great in our D-line rotation to help keep our pass rush fresh. In a few years, he could be dominant.
some dude we never heard of.
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
Originally posted by blm7754:
I don't think I can think of 10 names I'd be happy with at 34. But I'll give it a shot:

1. Tank Carradine
2. Alex Okafor
3. Zach Ertz
4. Jonathan Hankins
5. Kawann Short
6. Da'Rick Rogers
7. Travis Kelce
8. Kennan Allen
9. Robert Alford
10. Jamar Taylor

Basically, I wan't a difference maker. Somebody that makes us better. Reid doesn't make us better, he just replaces Goldson. We need improved pass rush, scoring, and coverage of slot receivers.

I think reid does make us better, He's younger and has more range than goldson, just as good a hitter, takes better angles and will not get you 15 yard peniltys ever play and will play within the system he's not going to be free lancing and blowing coverages and not helping the cb's because he decided to jump a short route when he's the deep guy.. 8 million a year is retarted Goldson who is worth about 5-6 million, and vastly over rated the front 7 makes him look better.

Really? Goldson may have been overrated. But he was certainly one of the better safeties in the league. Reid MAY be an upgrade in the long run. But I don't think any rookie could come in and do better than Goldson.

What would make us better (in terms of coverage) would be to have Reid play SS and for Trenton Robinson to step up and take over at FS. Whitner sucks in coverage. Plus cutting him would save a ton of cap.
I like that list but I'd also look at Jonathan Banks.
1. Trade for Clowney
2. Trade for Clowney
3. Trade for Clowney
4. Trade for the Bridgewater/Boyd pick and fleece some team like Rams did to Redskins
5 as above
6 Trade for Clowney
7 Trade for Clowney
8 Tank Carradine (looks kind of rubbish getting him now doesn't it)
9 Keenan Allen
10 Cowboys realise they made huge mistake with Romo, trade 1st their next ten years 1st round picks for Terry Bridgewater (probably most likely to happen after watching them in the draft. I almost felt sorry for that Cowboy fan)
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I'd be happy with any of these 9 prospects @34

Jordan Poyer
Justin Hunter
Tank Carradine
DJ Swearinger
Kawaan Short
Sam Montgomery
Zach Ertz
Jamar Taylor
Alex Okafor
I'm a Jessie Williams guys, but really it comes down to who Jim and Trent want regardless of whatever "Acceptable" players lists we make.
Originally posted by xela510:
Love that you didn't put Ertz up there.

There are always guys who are overvalued by the fanbase(and Brent Jones?) and fall farther than we think they will. I'm starting to wonder if Ertz is one of those. Who knows? He may be there at 61 for us to take.
1. Tank
2. Okafor
3. Banks
4. Hunter
5. Taylor

are what I would want at #34

6. Kelce
7. Ertz
8. B. Williams
9. Short
10. Amerson

are what I would want to complete the 2nd

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