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Best prospects available

I can live with Woods. But I hope we get carradine. Don't really want Ertz. Taylor would be an underrated pickup.
I'd rather us get Kelce later on and take Tank or Hunt.
The pick better be Tank. Nobody else on the list will even come close to being the player that Tank will be.
TANK TANK TANK!!!!!!! Snag Jessie Williams or John Jenkins in the late 2nd, then grab Kelce or McDonald in the 3rd!!! LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Jesse Williamd NT/DE
Darius Slay CB
Darick WR
Vance McDonald TE
Should be an exciting day for the Niners today. I liked the first pick we made last night as Eric Reid is a very rangy safety, he is a little bit raw in coverage at times and could improve his pursuit angles in run support. Those are the two weaknesses in his game that I see, but the none the less a very good safety and nothing we can't coach in his game, seems like a very good young man and I am happy that he is a Niner.

Now as far as day two goes I think we need to think about trading back into the forties and get our third rounder back. I like the way the big board looks right now and it is set up for us to snag 3-4 impact guys in rounds two and three. This is my opinion on what to do in rounds 2 and 3.

Trade pick 34 back into the low to mid forties and try and get third rounder, Baalke is the master of trading picks and their is value to be had in rounds 2 and 3 big time this year. Now with that being said If our guys aren't there that we want at our 40's pick, 61, and our two third rounders I expect there will be teams that fall in love with a prospect and are willing to trade picks in 2014 draft for our picks. I expect us to do that atleast once if not twice in round 2-3 along with trading back from 34.

As far as the picks go we will be picking anywhere from 2-4 times in rounds 2 & 3.
Pick Possibilities:
Defensive Line: Tank Carradine, Alex Okafor. Would be happy with either of these two picks, both had very productive seasons last year and both can get after the quarterback which is a must in today's pass happy league.
Cornerback/Nickelback: B.W. Webb, Tyrann Mathieu, Darius Slay. Seahawks and Rams both added playmakers that are shifty and fast in Harvin and Austin. We are going to need a corner that we can count on to cover the slot. Carlos Rogers has done ok the past couple of years, but is getting old and I don't have faith in him to cover Harvin or Austin. And before everyone starts saying oh we just signed Nnamdi and we already have enough corners, nobody is locked up long term and Nnamdi is only under contract for one year, and this is the NFL, nothing is guarenteed.
Wide Reciever or Tight End: Zach Ertz, Travis Kelce, Vance McDonald, Quinton Patton, Darick Rogers. I think it is possible that we add a weapon for Kaepernick in rounds 2 or 3. A second tight end would be ideal and would make our offense that much more dynamic. Wide Reciever I could see as a possibility but I am still unsure on that.

Should be an exciting day and cant wait to see how everything plays out.
I'd wet myself if we drafted Keenan Allen and Tyrann Mathieu
I look at all those fine choices and wish we had 5 more picks in the 2nd round.
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