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Told everybody T'eo doesnt go in 1st. rd.

Nobody cares except for ESPN

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Originally posted by nickbradley:
Nobody cares except for ESPN

Hey NFL Network Cares. lol but for real we all knew he wasn't first round guy he should that. He's not a willis or a Ray lewis, but should be a solid player in the nfl.
Originally posted by toppdogg32:
It wasn't because of the catfish crap either. The Alabama Game exposed him to the whole world,, BUT LIKE I SAID ALL ALONG - THE PITT AND USC GAMES HE WAS INVISIBLE AS WELL !!, If he played San Jose St. and Navy every week he would have went top 10..LOL, I said he was over hyped/overrated, obviously the NFL thinks so too..

what are you talking about? He got an INT in that usc game....
Good for you on predicting him not in the first. Why don't you predict where he will go? Saying he won't go in the first was kind of a 60/40 guess considering he's a MLB and projected late first or early second. There were only so many teams at the end of the first that could take him.

I think you're confused about the type of player he is as well. Notre Dame played Michigan, Michigan St., Oklahoma, USC and Stanford.
Michigan: 8 tackles and 2 Int's and helped force 2 more....
Mich St: 12 tackles and 2 PD
Stanford: 11 tackles and one of the better games of the year... great defenses.
In Oklahoma: 11 tackles and 1 INT
In USC: 5 tackles and 1 INT...

I thought he played his best games against the better teams.
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