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Tavon Austin Going To The Jets ?!

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Poor bastaxd !! LOL.

They also told Tim Tebow that they had a plan for him too !! LOL.
Not so fast

According to's Ian Rapoport, West Virginia WR Tavon Austin is the No. 1 overall player on the Bills' draft board.
I don't care where he goes if it's not here. All of these promising prospects are dead to me the moment another team grabs them. Of course, going to the Jets or Bills might feel worse than death for most of these guys.
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The Bills ?! Looks like Daniel Jeremiah was right in the media mock then. LOL.
Still hoping we can somehow get Austin. But if we don't get him, I DON'T want someone else in our division to get him. Any team in the AFC would be my next choice! My fear is the Rams or Arizona will take him.
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lol, poor nuggah
The Jets should take Austin and Geno.
Soooo overrated.
Austin would be a great fit for Marrone's offense. Undersize, speedy WR did very well at Syracuse the last few years. Alec Lemon, who isn't even as fast as Austin, passed Marvin Harrison as the all time receiving leader in his system. Jeremiah Kobena, who is short and fast, but lacks talent, had some huge plays.
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Originally posted by pdizo916:
lol, poor nuggah

WTF is nuggah?

Sounds like a racial slur to me.

Not sure, but that is what it sounds like.

I hope I am mistaken.

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