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Who's your one "Do Not Draft" player this year?

No center
Rashaun Woods
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Margus Hunt
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That Honey Mustard Beaver character....
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Originally posted by frozen49er:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Manti Te'o


May as well bring Tebow on as well, then we get all the NFL drama instead of 1/2

Tebow would preach to Teo and Culliver while they're all sitting on a bench...
Hunt or Mathieu (sp?)
Bjoern werner
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Werner will be a good player, just not as good in our scheme, for where you'd have to take him.
M.Hunt, Lattimore, D.Rogers N T.Austin ... yea yea more then 1 but whatever
Anyone from the Georgia defense

Margus Hunt, with Matt Elam a close second.
The tight end from Stanford.
How about do not trade up in the 1st round!
One last opportunity for people to express their dislike for Margus Hunt ................
John Jenkins!!! I still have nightmares over bad D-linemen we have drafted... Reggie Mcgrew, Kentwan Balmer etc... I don't want a guy with weight issues!!! In the immortal words of Coach Sing.. "I want winners"...
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