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First crack at a Mock this year

This was done prior to the rumor of trading up into the teens. What do ya'll think?

Trade 31, 34, and 93 to Buffalo for the 8th spot. Works for the Bills, because they want Nassib at QB and he will still be there at 31, and it allows them to fill more holes. I said trade to 8 to prevent other teams (Like the shehawks) from getting to that spot.

Trade 128, 173, and 252 for a 2014 3rd Round pick.

Ist Round, Pick 8: Sheldon Richardson, DL, Mizz. We all know why!

2nd Round, Pick 61: David Amerson, CB, NC State. Good size, amazing athlete. With a year to learn under Namdhi, this kid has a great future.

3rd Round, Pick 74: Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse. May end up being the best S in the draft. Certainly the best athlete at the position. Very smart and mature. Hard hitter and playmaker.

4th Round, Pick 131: Sean Porter, LB, Texas A&M. Can play ILB or OLB. Replacement for Larry Grant. Also a possible Special Teamer.

5th Round, Pick 157: Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA. Son of a longtime NFL TE. Kid is 6'7" and provides a great Red Zone target.

6th Round. Pick 180: Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma. Bring him in, develop him, see what happens.

7th Round, Pick 237: Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers. 6'3", great athletic ability. He would be an excellent WR to groom and learn from Crabtree.

7th Round, Pick 246: Braden Hansen, OL, BYU. Great size and strength. 6'6" and 307 lbs. Mature, as he went on a two year pilgrimage for his Mormon faith. Played G, but could possibly switch to Center. A value pick worthy of taking a chance on.
U can't trade #252 its a comp pick ... N h*ll no to tha bills trade that's given up way to much for 1 player...
  • krizay
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I hate both trades. actually dont mind the picks you made. I Wouldnt be thrilled. But wouldn't be dejected either. just a meh! draft. now if you keep your picks and get more players. Would have potentially to be a sexy draft. but to use 6 picks and only comer away with 1 guy?
Don't like all we are giving up.

We can do MUCH better for all thse picks.

Like the players you selected.
If we trade up to the #8 spot, we should get Star or Sharrif Floyd.
  • cciowa
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I think we need more than one little old defensive lineman
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