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ATG's Twilight Zone Mock

Surprise! You have awoken to discover it is now 12 days into the future, April 25th and I am the GM of the San Francisco 49ers. Read on to find out how the draft plays the Twilight Zone!

*cue music*

With the 31st overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select....

....Cornellius Carradine DE Florida St.

The man they call "Tank" is my pick to be our anchor 3-4 DE of the future. Now before you come after me with your torches and pitchforks, hear me out here. A lot of people are stuck with the idea that a 3-4 DE has to be a hulking 300+ pound dude with a gut while forgetting the fact that Justin Smith is around 280 pounds and was originally a 4-3 DE. At 6'4" 276 pounds Carradine isn't far off from Smith's measurable and boasts impressive strength for his size, as demonstrated by his 32 bench press reps despite his long arms (34.75). He plays with great leverage, tireless motor, and is a strong run defender as well as being a great power/bull-rusher.

I rest my case. Flame on.

Hands on his hips after indulging in his favorite snack...quarterback. Profile Profile

Round 2-2 (34) Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

Probably the biggest stretch in this mock in terms of how likely it is that he's still on the board at this pick, but if Green Bay and Atlanta both choose to address their needs a little later this guy could fall into our laps in the second round. If he does, he would make our offense elite, and one of the most dangerous in the NFL. Vernon Davis is a unique talent, but he isn't your prototypical TE. Eifert would be a reliable security blanket for Colin on 3rd downs and when facing pressure, while also being able to run most of the deep routes that Walker did, but also able to draw attention away from Davis which Walker was unable to do. True, he's a work in progress as a blocker, but Walker was a WR in college and our coaches turned him into a monster blocker. He could make our offense an absolute nightmare, an insomnia inducing attack on defensive coordinators everywhere, one where you can't stop it but can only hope to contain it.

He knows Kung Fu. Profile

Round 2-31 (61) David Amerson FS North Carolina St.

I am not alone on this board in thinking that Amerson would make a great safety at the NFL level. He is a true ball-hawk,with prototypical size to go along with reliable hands and ball skills to contest jump balls and catch the ball at its highest point. He is great at reading the QB and has the range and speed to be a true centerfielder. Some worry he is a tweener, as is the argument made in this very good article by Football Outsiders, as he lacks the recovery speed and fluidity to be an elite CB yet also isn't the strongest of tacklers. I believe tackling technique is a problem that can be fixed by good coaching, and he doesn't shy away from contact like Sanders Commings another big-bodied college CB scouts believe may have to move to safety in the NFL.

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Round 3 Markus Wheaton WR Oregon St.

We trade up to the top of the 3rd round using our first 6th rounder. One of my draft crushes; this guy was productive, has speed to burn, potential for crisp route running and is a deceptively fluid and explosive athlete. He could develop into a dangerous deep threat, opening things up for Crabtree and Eifert underneath. Kaepernick throwing bombs to Wheaton running away from the defense would be a thing of beauty.

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Round 3-31 (93) Leon McFadden CB San Diego St.

One of our few issues on D has been covering the smaller, shifty slot receivers. With Seattle's addition of Percy Harvin and the likely addition of Tavon Austin to St. Louis this has become an increasingly concerning issue. McFadden is a smaller guy from a small school, but he is aggressive and not afraid to get up in the grill of wideouts yet also has the fluidity and quick-twitch ability to stay with the Danny Amendola's of the NFL that can stop and start and turn on a dime. Won't be an every-down player but he will have a very important role in our D. We would now have a CB collection able to stop any kind of WR we might face.

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Round 4-31 (128) Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina

I originally had planned on trading this pick for a 2014 3rd rounder, but IF AND ONLY IF Lattimore is still on the board here we should take him if our doctor's feel confident in his medicals. We all know about his injures and his abilities when healthy so I won't waste your time rehashing them, but I think about it this way: would we be able to get a healthy player with similar abilities with a 3rd round pick in next years draft? The answer is clearly no. We can afford to stash him on PUP/IR for a year and he'd essentially be a 2014 draft pick, except one who is already well versed in our playbook and ready to hit the practice field without his head spinning from information overload.

Round 4-34 (131) Trevardo Williams OLB Connecticut

IMO one of the most underrated pass-rushers in this draft class. Williams was ultra-productive in the Big East, racking up 30.5 sacks in his college career (24 of which came in his last 2). And his production definitely translates as he put up extremely good numbers at the Combine with a 4.57 40, a 38 inch vertical, 10'4" broad and put the bar up 30 times. The only knock is that he is short a hair over 6'1" and a little light at 241 pounds and has no experience dropping into coverage. But as a part time player in our defense that wont be a big deal. He reminds me of Bruce Irvin, although Irvin is a touch more athletic and explosive.

His famous Macarena sack celebration! Profile Profile

Round 5-24 (157) Traded for 2013 4th round pick!

Round 6-5 (173) Included in trade up for Markus Wheaton!

Round 6-12 (180) AJ Klein ILB Iowa St.

"Oh a white linebacker? Must be a try-hard grinder who doesn't have the athleticism to start in the NFL. Special teamer at best."

WRONG. His 4.66 40 yard dash was second among ILB only to Jon Bostic, while his other workout numbers would have placed him among the top performers among ILB. He has the college stats, the athleticism, and the size (6'1" 250) to play in our scheme. He would replace Grant as our primary backup to Willis and Bowman.

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Now instead of including 3 late 7th round picks, I instead elected to include a list of guys we could target both in the 7th round and as UDFA's. It also serves as a resource of potential late-round sleepers to keep an eye on. This list is not comprehensive, I included personal favorites of mine and guys who aren't talked about much in the forums.

Colby Cameron QB Louisiana Tech. - Comes from the same school as 49ers legend Tim Rattay.
Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt - Huge chip on his shoulder from playing in the shadow of his celebrity older brother. Sounds like a Harbaugh guy to me!

Jason Weaver OT Southern Miss
Roger Gaines OT Tennessee St. – Dude has 36 ¼ inch arms.
Edmond Kugbila OG Valdosta St.- I have no idea where that school is, all I know is he has an NFL body

Zac Stacy RB Vanderbilt- Criminally underrated. I think he ends up a late-round surprise.

Tyrone Goard WR Eastern Kentucky- 6'7" Pretty good combine numbers and we are bringing him in for a vist
Terrell Sinkfield WR Northern Iowa- dude is fast
Eric Rogers WR Cal Lutheran- DIII star with NFL height-weight-speed measurables.

Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio St.- NFL body and athleticism, underwhelming production
Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada- needs to get stronger but has size and put up big numbers in 2012

Quinton Dial DE Alabama- experience in a 3-4, which was also the best in the country.
Jared Smith DT New Hampshire- Small school but prototypical 3-4 DE size
Lawrence Okoye DE Olympian- Okay he's pretty well known, but I think he's a real strong possibility for us. Imagine what Tomsula could do with a guy with his strength, size, athleticism, intelligence and a blank slate with no bad habits? He's like wet clay for a potter.

Brandon Hepburn ILB Florida A&M- Small school guy with impressive combine #s.

Lerentee McCray OLB Florida- oft-injured but if he can stay healthy could be effective pass-rusher.
Armonty Bryant OLB East Central

Daxton Swanson CB Sam Houston St.
Kayvon Webster CB South Florida
Josh Johnson CB Purdue- top performer on a crummy defense

Ray Ray Armstrong SS Miami- Still has potential and won't have to deal with NCAA investigators
Ray Polk FS Colorado- Big safety with intriguing workout #s.
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Good mock. Entertaining interpretation. Love you added Josh Johnson as a guy to watch in the later rounds. I'm a huge Purdue fan, and would love for him to end up with us. He's a feisty guy that never gives up and is a really good player. Perfect 49er guy in my opinion.
This is the best Mock I have seen for the 49ers great job, I love the top five the best. Again nice job
  • teeohh
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I think the possibility of tarradine is growing on me

But I'm not really cool with drafting a tight end before we draft a safety, I just really want a safety with the first two picks

It might have been Mike Miller who said that Eifert might have maxed out his talent, what do you think about that?
Good job and I like listing players for the 6th and many guys at that point who may or may not make it...small school, injured, and head cases. My only criticism is no NT to replace Sopoaga and RJF. I think they will use one of the top four picks on NT.

Very entertaining and a fun read!
Yes, good job indeed. Love the Carradine, Eifert, McFadden, and Klein selections. The others are pretty solid as well.
Best I have seen! This scenario would solidify this football team with depth and athleticism.

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Nice mock.
Thanks! This was creative and entertaining - being an old school Twilight Zone Fan.

Many people in the Zone are big on us taking Lattimore because they see a potential star. I agree AND feel the same way about Tank! He'd fit very well n our D.

I'm in a minority when I say I'm not a fan of the #34 pick for Eifert. I won't go into all the guys I think would be better at that slot AND we don't know who''ll be available.

GREAT move for Dial DE Alabama - He's going to be a very effective player in the NFL. Currently, IMO, he's WAYYYY under-rated.

Overall, if it went down like you posted - we'd have a very solid draft.

My concern is that the one position that we need a plug and play starter is FS and converting a 3rd round CB for a Super Bowl run makes me nervous.
Originally posted by pickle:
Best I have seen! This scenario would solidify this football team with depth and athleticism.

+1 Very awesome mock that puts all others to shame.
I'm not gonna lie bro, this is the best mock i have seen yet.... great job brother!
Great mock. I have also been adamant about Amerson making a great FS. I sure hope he is there at 61. Love Tank Carradine. Eifert is pretty beasty too.
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I like the Wheaton pick.
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