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Perfect 10 Mock - April 13

Ideal 10-player draft that hits on all our needs. We'll trade around a bit to hit our targets and maybe pick up an extra pick for 2014.

1. Jamar Taylor

2. Brandon Williams

3. DJ Swearinger

4. Quinton Patton

5. JJ Wilcox

6. Dion Sims

7. Maliciah Goodman

8. Reid Fragel

9. Joe Kruger

10. Jeff Bacca

On defense, we get a CB, 2 Safeties, an NT, and 2 DEs.

  • Jamar Taylor is rising up boards fast and may not even be available to us at 31. But he bolsters our or CB unit this year making us 5-deep with starting quality corners, and he's a young guy to replace Rodgers and Aso soon. D.J. Hayden could be an alternative if Taylor is long gone.
  • Brandon Williams is a no-brainer. He's the best pure NT in the draft imo. Much better pass rusher than Soap.

  • Swearinger starts right away alongside Whitner. Baccari Rambo is a similar player and could be an alternative to Swearinger.
  • Wilcox, a former offensive player in college, learns for a year before taking over the SS spot.
  • Goodman is a raw but very athletic player with size and freakishly long arms. He rushes the passer well but can't stop the run to save his life - he'll rotate with Brooks and Smith on passing downs as a rookie and maybe add strength and develop into a 5-tech down the road.
  • Joe Kruger has great size, a good motor, and a fantastic work ethic. Just might develop into a poor man's Justin Smith.

On offense, we get a WR, a TE, an OT, and a OG.

  • Patton is fearless and quick-as-hell with great hands and off-the charts intangibles. He'll be an elite #2 WR for years to come.
  • Sims is a tremendous blocker to replace Delanie. He's raw as a route-runner and possesses only average speed for a TE, but he has great hands and a large catching radius.
  • Fragel and Bacca provide depth.


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Yeah, stop with the superlatives.--not necessary.
I stopped reading after "Rodgers."
Exactly how are the trades supposed to go down and when are they going to make these picks?
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Exactly how are the trades supposed to go down and when are they going to make these picks?

No point in trying to predict the exact trades, but I would expect one or two moves at least. Each of the 10 guys in this mock could realistically be available at our first 10 picks: Jamar Taylor at 31, Brandon Williams at 34, and so on.
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