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Okay...this is the last last one...promise

Not bad.
need more DL I really doubt we go WR at all...

I bet our first 4 or 5 picks are on D, although I love the Kelce pick
Niceb job
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Rascal:
Justin Hunter is skinny, but so is Randy Moss. I think as long as he can go up to take the top off, he should be OK. There are more physical receivers, but I have to go with his upside. Keenan Allen is more physical, but he plays the slot and shorter routes a lot more. Hunter plays far more deep balls. Deep threat is what we need.

They said the same thing about Chaz Schilens too. I think Hunter has total bust written all over him. He doesn't even fit this system, the guy is allergic to run-blocking, goes down way too easily after first contact and more of a body-catcher than anything else. I'd like to stay far, far away from him.

We disagree rarely it seems. I think hunter will be one of the better WR's in this draft. He would actually fit nicely into our system IMO. Solid route runner. Good RZ threat in the corners. He could fit that niche area where crabtree, boldin, and Jenkins dont.
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