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My first ever mock

#31 J.Williams DT/DE Bama
#34 M.Hunt DE SMU
#61 J.Hunter WR UT
#74 J.Collins OLB USM
#93 T.Kelce TE UC
#128 DJ Swearinger FS USC
#131 T.Mathieu NB/PR
#157 B.Williams OT UNC
#173 J.Rodgers QB UV
#180 M.Lattimore RB USC
#237 D.Hopkins K FS
#246 J.Stewart ILB TA&M
#252 R.Armstrong SS Miami

This and sign R.Woodson To teach/compete with Swearinger and I think we are ready to roll

What do you all think?
Rod woodson!!!! Thats a great idea!!! We got our new FS!!!
Not bad for your first ever mock. A little early for Jordan Rodgers in the 6th round IMO and Charles Woodson is done.
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0 need for a qb. We have kap McCoy and tolzien. Late or not waste of a pick. Other wise pretty good
Pretty good draft even though I hate old rookie hunt pick N wasted picks in a QB N RB bit a solid C+
Originally posted by fan49:
0 need for a qb. We have kap McCoy and tolzien. Late or not waste of a pick. Other wise pretty good

I figure Tolzien needs someone to compete with. McCoy is now our 2 Harbaugh will want competition at the 3rd string spot.
I can't get on board with any Margus Hunt draft, and I think you wait a little too long on DBs. I think Kelce is a must-draft, and I am also on board with Williams, Collins, and Mathieu (who have all been in and out of my mock, although out now).
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I don't think Justin Hunter will go that low.

Personally, I don't like the DBs picks, I would have gone for Eric Reid and David Amerson.

As for TEs, is either Eifert or Ertz, but I guess it will be impossible to draft so many people that high.

Also, I am not a big fan of Lattimore, I would go for Le'Veon Bell.
I think you're a little too optimistic about where some of these guys will end up (Collins, Lattimore, and Hunter). Some of them could go an entire round, or even 2 higher than you have them projected. Otherwise Nice work.

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Everything, I agree with except Hunt. Too, long in the tooth for a rookie.
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