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Ollie Olz Final Mock Draft (Will be the MOST accurate draft when all said and done)

Originally posted by 9moon:
Justin Smith was a 4-3 DE at Missouri, look how well he turned out. With the kind of defense we have, we can (should) target a player that will help us now and be an awesome player in the future.

You guys are getting caught up w/ the combine and all those none sense stop watches.. Have you guys seen this this guy play all last year??

Why in the world are we gonna move up for Xavier Rhodes?? We're loaded at the secondary position, why waste a 1st rounder on a fast guy that can't even cover.

I have a need to address your points:

  1. If you're suggesting that Werner play DE in our system I think you're mis-projecting him. Justin Smith is freakishly strong. Even for NFL defensive linemen he's in a league of his own. Werner is about 20 pounds too light for the very very minimum weight for that position. He's about 40 lbs too light for the ideal weight. He's simply not big enough, and asking him to play that role would be a mis-use of his current skill set.
  2. If you see him as a 3-4 OLB then he would be only a situation pass-rusher, as we have 2 elite level starting players at the position. I'm all for drafting such a player. The first round is a bit of a reach given our other needs, but for the right player it's worth it. But trading up 20 spots? Your'e suggesting using both of our top 35 picks and possibly our other 2nd round pick. For a player that will play no more than 40% of snaps? We just lost a safety, we have other needs.
  3. Moving up (significantly up, not just a few spots to land the player that you want) was studied recently by, and shown to be a bad idea. Teams over-value their ability to draft, and end up making the wrong move more often than not. Leveraging so much capital knowing that the odds are stacked against you is usually not a winning football strategy (for every RGIII there's a Mark Sanches, and for every Julio Jones there's a Ricky Williams).
  4. Please explain why you believe Xavier Rhodes can't cover. Watch him match up against DeAndre Hopkins (my favorite player in this draft) and then tell me he can't cover.
  5. We're loaded in the secondary? Nnamdi has a 1 year deal and we don't know what we have in him. Rogers had a down year and is not likely to be back next year at his salary. Brown is in his contract year, and Culliver had another up and down year. The other 2 CBs on the team are simply bad. We don't have a starting FS, and Whitner had a very poor year in terms of coverage. This is likely his last year with the team. What about that group makes us "loaded"? Oh, and we couldn't cover ANYONE in the playoffs.
  6. Please remove Kwan Short from your mock (at least once).
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April fools was yesterday
Originally posted by BigBug415:
U got Kawaan Short going #28 AND #30...LMFAO!!

He's so good that he gets drafted twice
I'll go to church and pray this doesn't happen.
Austin is top 10 material. There is no way he is available at 25 unless some startling event just occurred with him!?
Originally posted by BigBug415:
U got Kawaan Short going #28 AND #30...LMFAO!!

Atlanta says to Denver: Kawann Short will be like both ours,but we just keep him at my house
1st post I have done to the forum but I think this draft stinks

Originally posted by 9moon:
1) Kansas City - Luke Joeckel, OT - Texas A&M
2) Jacksonville - Sharriff Floyd, DT - Florida
3) Oakland - Star Lotulelei, DT - Utah
4) Philadelphia - Dion Jordan, OLB - Oregon
5) Detroit - Ezekiel Ansah; OLB - BYU
6) Cleveland - Chance Warmack; OG - Alabama
7) Arizona - Jonathan Cooper; OG - UNC
8) Tampa Bay (draft day trade w/ Buffalo) - Dee Milliner; CB - Alabama
9) New York Jets - Alec Ogletree; ILB - Georgia
10) Tennessee - Xavier Rhodes; CB - Florida State
11) San Francisco (draft day trade w/ San Diego) - Bjoern Werner, DE - Florida State
12) Miami - Eric Fisher; OT - Central Michigan
13) Buffalo (from Tampa Bay) - Geno Smith; QB - West Virginia
14) Carolina - Sheldon Richardson; DT - Missouri
15) New Orleans - Barkevious Mingo; OLB - LSU
16) St. Louis - Jarvis Jones; OLB - Georgia
17) Pittsburgh - Cordarrelle Patterson; WR - Tennessee
18) Dallas - Kenny Vaccaro; FS - Texas
19) Minnesota (draft day trade w/ NY Giants) - Desmond Trufant; CB - Washington
20) Chicago - Lane Johnson; OT - Oklahoma
21) Cincinnati - Datone Jones; DE - UCLA
22) St Louis - Tyler Eifert; TE - Notre Dame
23) New York Giants - Zach Ertz; TE - Stanford
24) Indianapolis - Manti Teo; ILB - Notre Dame
25) Minnesota - Tavon Austin; WR - West Virginia
26) Green Bay - Margus Hunt; DT - SMU
27) Houston - Keenan Allen; WR - CAL
28) Denver - Kawann Short; DT - Purdue
29) Patriots - Jesse Williams; DT - Alabama
30) Atlanta - Kawann Short; DT - Purdue
31) San Diego (from SF) - Terron Armstead; OT - Ark Pine Bluff
32) Baltimore - Kevin Minter; ILB - LSU

So....we trade up for depth? If we trade up we are trading up for a starter. I'd trade up for Vacarro.
Don't like it
I doubt this mock no way
Charles Barkley says that this is "TURRRIBLE."
We are loaded in the secondary? uhhh no! YOu mean the Draft is Loaded in secondary
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