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MBA's Final Mock Draft

Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Lattimore or Knile Davis are good options, I just thought the Niners would take someone WITHOUT an injury history.

The QB pick is definitely a luxury pick. Since Renfree was a Harbaugh recruit at one point, I thought it made sense. I agree that WR is an option or maybe another pass rusher at that point.

I think the injury history actually helps us when it comes to Lattimore. We can stash him on the PUP while he gets up to 100%, and we don't waste a roster spot on him, so we can still carry Gore, Hunter, LMJ, Dixon, and Hampton. If one of them gets injured, they go to IR, and Lattimore has a roster spot waiting for him. If no one gets injured, they sit him for the rest of the year, and he gets to play 2014 with over a full year of rehab and conditioning.

I think the same injury reasoning works for Q. Smith (plus we need a new Smith, as the Smith reserves have been reduced each year of the Harbaugh regime), but I don't see him going undrafted. I'd be surprised if he made it out of the 5th round.

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Originally posted by nickbradley:
Landing Jones AND Williams would be pretty incredible. Couple comments:

1. I don't think TE is that high of a priority

2. A RB taken high? Nah...who's job is he going to take?

3. Is prefer a big WR...we have no WRs over 6-2

1. I think that Kelce is going to be a great TE and the Niners did use Vernon and Delanie together on about 54% of the snaps last year. Adding another weapon at TE couldn't hurt. Just think it would be better to get Kelce at this point rather than overdraft Ertz or Eifert late in the first.

2. The Niners front office is always thinking a year ahead. Gore is still the bell cow for one more year, then they need a replacement.

3. If anything, I picked a backup QB in the 7th that could be changed to a big WR. That was the one spot that where I thought the Niners still had enough depth to skip addressing it in this draft. I will leave that up to Baalke and Harbaugh to decide.
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