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the unpredictability of a Harbalk draft

I really enjoy reading mock drafts in preparation for the actual draft a few years ago it seemed as though we were some what predictable coe draft day as many mock would have at least a few of the players we drafted ech year but that was before the Harbaugh and Balke era. I feel like i have no idea what they are going to do i have read tons of mocks and even did my first ever dream mock draft this year but i seriously dot have a clue. to kinda look and see if maybe i was worng about how unpredictable they are i started looking around at different mock drafts from 2011 and 2012 to see if anyone was even close but not one mock that i saw in those past 2 drafts came even close to what the niners actually did in the draft. out of the 2 drafts the only player i saw mocked to us that we actually took was OLB Cam Johnson but in the mocks i saw they had us taking him in the second or third round and we didnt take him till the seventh. so one person or pick in the past 2 draft out of all the mocks i looked through.

I did this mainly to prove a point. We all have our ideas and preferences for what the niners should do but (unlike some posters on this board seem to think) none of us know what the Niners are going to do. I would venture to say none of us even have the first 3 picks right. This makes the upcoming draft even more exciting and if it goes way diferent then any of us expect or have mocked lets just say i hope all of those surprise picks this year turn out to be more like 2011's draft picks wrather than 2012's surprising draft picks.

With that being said what do you think of all this do you think harbalke will be more predictable this year or do you agree with me that no one really has a clue as to what we will do but we are in for one heck of a ride come draft night.
Outside of tha first 10picks or so nobody ever really knows what's going on til tha pick N or trade is made N this goz triple for us 49ers lol...
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We have so many options open to us with 14 draft picks that I dont think anyone come close to predicting what we will do.
It is crazy how under the radar Aldon Smith was, shouldn't have been looking back at it.

Just gotta do our own research and try to ignore most of these rumors. Tim Kawakami said the night before that draft we were taking either Gabbert or Quinn. LMAO.
Well, after doing some research, I noticed that Montana was the 4th QB taken in his draft (Last pick in 3rd round) and Kaepernick was 6th. Lets also not forget that Tom guy in New England. This drafting stuff is a weird science. No sure things.

*Also of note, while doing the above mentioned research I saw that Pittsburgh lost their 3rd round pick in '79 for practicing with pads out of season. I think its funny that they lost a 3rd for something stupid and New Orleans lost their 3rd for running a bounty program. The NFL HAS certainly changed!
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