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What position is worth trading up for and who would you pick.

What position is worth trading up for and who would you pick.

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I'd trade up for Sheldon Richardson.
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Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Originally posted by Rascal:
Ertz is a top TE pick, may be only 2nd to Eifert, but is debatable. Personally, I can't see Ertz falling to the 3rd. And to get Patterson, you need to think 10th pick to be on the safe side. If you are saying the 9ers can have both Patterson and Ertz at the same time, we can pretty much celebrate our Super Bowl win now !! LOL.

No, Ertz is bottom first to mid second in most mocks, or on most rankings, but the niners can trade up and still keep their 34th pick. That's why, in my second scenario I have them drafting Ertz at 34 and then Rambo in the third. They might also have enough Trade-able picks to go back up to the late second or early third for Jenkins or B Williams at DT, both listed in the third round by CBS. But if they had to wait for Hughes or another DT that might work as well.

My preference would be to stay put and try to take Ertz, J Williams and the best FS available at the bottom of the second...or move up in the second for a FS. That would be a great draft class and they would still have some really good players lower in the draft for depth and be able to trade forward for more picks next year.

But one fun element of the draft is that a player being taken off the board might totally change the rest of your board. If Eifert and Ertz are off the board then they look for a TE end later and perhaps get a better DT or FS in the first. So much fun this time of year!

A top TE pick will be key, be it Ertz or Eifert. I don't see such a move as just a replacement to Delanie, you have to consider Vernon is aging as we speak as well. Have you see their tapes ? Both of them are scary.

But, to your point about Eifert and Ertz being taken off the board, that to me makes an even stronger case that we should move up in the first to land a top playmaker wideout. In all honesty, Patterson will be out of reach, but at least get Justin Hunter. Point being both WRs and TEs are major offensive weapons. We need at least 1 top player from either one position.
Gotta be a DL who can play inside and outside. Jones, Sly Williams, Richardson, etc.
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Gotta be a DL who can play inside and outside. Jones, Sly Williams, Richardson, etc.

I dont understand the obsession with tweener Dlineman. Im not saying that the guys listed wont be solid NFL players. My point is, we have had tweener types on this team for a long time, and none of them developed into starters, or even great role players. I also disagree that Jones could play inside in the 3-4. He fits solidly into the 3-4 DE mold. And i do like him just FYI.

I would much rather address Dline needs with two dlineman that fit solidly into their roles, than get a tweener.
Originally posted by NTeply49:
Originally posted by genus49:
Datone Jones if he's there around mid 20s. Probably the only guy I'd consider moving up without making a huge jump up.

I like Datone Jones, I think he is our type of player.

Chance Warmack? Could be the best overall player to come out of this draft. Warmack and Iupati at guard it would be like our run game is on steroids.
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