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Players I hope 49ers are targeting

S.Richardson DE Mizzou
Swearinger FS S.Carolina
Eifert TE ND
J.Hunter WR Ten
J.Williams NT/DE Bama
M.Lattimore RB S.Carolina
J.Taylor Boise St

These are my favourite players in the upcoming draft , I think any of these guys would be a great fit on the 9er roster
I'm pretty confident Trent will be able to get at least a few of these guys with all the picks we have.
f we could walk away with any 5 of these players I would be stoked.

What do you all think??
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Nice list, Montana. I would also add Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State and Jonathan Cyprien, DB, Florida International.
I believe Margus Hunt is more suited as a 4-3 DE. Not a big fan of Hunter. I could live with the rest of your list.
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Also, add Da'Rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech to the list.
I am hoping for athletic, explosive difference makers:
Robinson etc
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Good call on Richardson, Eifert, and Jamar Taylor. I'd add 3 of my favorites: Cyprien, Brandon Williams, and Quinton Patton.

But Hunt and Mathieu are numbers 1 and 2 on my please-do-not-draft list.
Here is my list of hopeful targets by position and round:

Jonathan Banks (CB) - 2nd round
David Amerson (CB/FS) - 2nd round
DJ Swearinger (FS) - 3rd round
T. Mathieu (slot CB) - 3rd round
BW Webb (slot CB) - 3rd round

Datone Jones (3-4 DE) - 1st round
Margus Hunt (3-4 DE) - 2nd round
Jonathan Hankins (DT) - 1st round
Jesse Williams (DT) - 1st round
Brandon Williams (NT) - 2nd round

DeAndre Hopkins (WR) - 2nd round
DaRick Rogers (WR) - 2nd round
Quinton Patton (WR) - 2nd round

Zach Ertz (TE) - 2nd round
Travis Kelce (TE) - 3rd round

I doubt we address any other positions in the 1st 3 rounds. So I hope we use our tradable (compensatory picks aren't tradable) picks in the late rounds to get additional 2-3 round picks.
Wouldn't be a bit surprised if 4 of those names were called by the 49ers on draft day. Good list.
I think Taylor out of Boise could be a contributor, like his game and production.
Philip Thomas would be sick!

Good list.

I think Richardson will be a phenominal player. I also think as time goes by we'll regret not moving up to get him if he approches the low teens.

But that's hindsight. If I could predict everything correctly, I'd have won everyone of my bets and be retired.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:

If I could predict everything correctly, I'd have won everyone of my bets and be retired.

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Richardson's a non-factor...unless Harbaalke think he's worth trading up for. As early as he's likely to go, it'd be extremely expensive to get him. WRT Hunter...he's a big, fast WR, but Hopkins might be a better option. He had sick numbers at Clemson, so if productivity's important (and it is) he'd have the edge. I'm on the fence w/Hunt...understand he has a lot of long as Baalke gets JW or another multi-dimensional DL, I'd be ok with him. Overall, your list is impressive...but, chances of getting even half those guys is a long shot.
Take Jesse Williams out and I like all the players u guys listed
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Datone Jones
Keenan Allen
Anyone from Cal
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