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McShay 3/28 Mock -- Two rounds

I like all three of those players.
As I've been saying for weeks, it makes no sense to me to draft a "pure" NT...not when there are plenty of DL who can play anywhere on the line. Baalke could have his choice of the Williams' (Jesse & Sly), Short, Hankins. All those guys could rotate on the Fangio more flexibility and allowing less wear 'n tear on the starters. It's time to stop thinking "NT" and acquire versatile DL who're interchangeable. I seriously doubt Cyprien's still on the board...he's been rising steadily, especially now after his pro day. He could be the first S chosen. My first three would be DL, S, CB. Most of the national analysts just don't know our team well's hard when you're trying to cover all 32, but I seriously doubt Baalke would follow McShay's draft.
Eric Reid stock is rising and i think he is the best all around safety in the draft
Eric Reid and Jesse Williams sound like 2 good picks to me
McShay is a joke. He is more worried about going for the "surprise" picks so that come draft day, he can pat himself on the bat if they get picked higher, or give himself props by having all the "risers"

I mean, come on! Sharrif Floyd falling to #10?!
Originally posted by dhp318:
Not a fan of Ertz. Got embarrassed against Oregon.

I think you said this tongue in cheek. you mean Ertz embarrased Oregon, and had one of his best clutch catches in the end zone to send it to overtime. The referee initially called him out of bounds, they reviewed it and it was a TD. The best part was Ertz NEVER even questioned the call, he handed the ball to the official and let the replay tell the story, class act. Below is his stats for the game.

11/17@OregonW 17-14 (OT)11 catches 106 yards 9.6 yds per catch 22yds long catch 1 TD
Originally posted by mayo49:
Originally posted by dhp318:
Not a fan of Ertz. Got embarrassed against Oregon.

Short arms.

EXACTLY what I was thinking. I've watched him quite a bit and those arms really do make a difference. He doesn't have the range he should for a guy that tall. He doesn't seem to extend for any of his catches.

If we go TE, I'd much rather go Tyler Eifert or someone later in the draft.
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