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Our fist pick really needs to be Cyprien at FS .

Eric Reid will be the safety we draft, either at 31 or 34
Originally posted by SofaKing:
I like Cyprien a lot. I still think Vaccaro is the best safety in the draft, but Cyprien is a close 2nd in my eyes. I'd be very happy with either one of these guys.

I've heard it said that Vaccaro, Cyprien, and Elam are all safety's who are more comfortable the closer they are to the line of scrimmage. With that in mind, I would probably more partial to a guy like Reid, Thomas, or Rambo; guys who can fill against the run while also showing the ability to play center field.
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
Eric Reid will be the safety we draft, either at 31 or 34

He reportedly blew-up his pro day today, so we may have to take him at 31.
Eric Reids weakness is actually pass coverage. I'd love to have him as Whitners replacement though. Cyprien would be an awesome pick too as our FS, right after we pick Austin first
I would be pretty happy if we pick him. Not sure which pick though.
Draft E.Reid N JJ.Wilcox or E.Wolff .... we'll be set for yrs......
The niners dont need to trade to grab a safety or do they need to grab Cyprien if available at 31, this draft is deep with talented safety .. Like most are saying on here Reid could be available with our second pick or Philip Thomas and even Bacarri Rambo in the 3rd round, But the list goes on.
This draft is deep in DL and secondary players...while I agree S will be at least one of the 14 picks, historically the Niners haven't taken one in the 1st rd. Last time was '92 when they picked Dana Hall. Doesn't mean they couldn't, just that they're not prone to take them that early. That said, I'd prefer they take the best DL on the board with their 1st pick...they can get one of the top S at #34 or even #61. I'm sure Cyprien's a terrific player...but he's not the only one. Fans and analysts get too stuck on one player or another...I've done it myself, but the BL is Baalke will draft the players he feels will help his team the most. Being in the SB means we're next to the bottom with our picks...but that's a good thing. TB's challenge will be to get the best 7-8 players he can...with 14 picks and a mostly packed roster, it's about quality, not quantity. As has been said over and over, there's only a finite number of rookies that'll make the roster...maybe Cyprien will be one of 'em, maybe not. There are a lot of very good S in this draft...
I think we take BPA at either D-line or Safety at #31. I still would love if a team wanted our #34 pick and gave up a 1st next year.

As for WRs i dont think we need to take one before the 4th round. Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham, Jenkins, Williams is fine for this season (not to mention Vernon). We were putting up over 30pts a game in the playoffs with Crabtree and Moss!

Lets get back to tough defensive football and have players who can contribute right away allowing our stars to take a breather every once in a while. I cant help but think if Aldon and Justin got more rest down the stretch our pressure would have got to Flacco a hell of a lot more.
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