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Niners could/should trade their 1st round pick for next year!

Not sure if this has been discussed on here yet but I can see the Niners looking to trade one of their two 2nd round picks for a first round next year or possibly in 2015. I can see them looking to trade the 2nd round pick from KC for several reasons. First they currently have 2 selections within 3 spots of each other. They could even trade their own first rounder to a team looking to move back into the first round for their first round next year in 2014!

Reach out to GMs who are on the "hotseat" that need to win NOW! The Jets, Titans and Miami come to mind. Plus if the Chiefs make the playoffs next year the 3rd rounder for Alex Smith in 2014 becomes a 2nd round. Food for thought.
I'd be okay with trading our 31 for a 1st next year. A chance to get Sammy Watkins or Marquise Lee if they decide to come out early.
They might.
Jacksonville or Oakland ... Clowney sweepstakes.
def would love to get clowney next yr.. if they dont trade, would be happy w/ cyprien or draft crush tavon austin
Maybe the Raiders or Browns for their first.

Could you imagine winning the Super Bowl and having the 1st and the last picks in the first round!
Interesting link to potential trading partners.
I feel this is a really really good draft from top to bottom were going to get a good player this year if we keep the pick. Really the only spot it's weak is Qb and it's kind of hard to repeat last years qb class in Luck, RG3, and Wilson!
Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
Jacksonville or Oakland ... Clowney sweepstakes.

Don't forget Buffalo
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