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Mid Free Agency Draft (No Trades)

1.31 Datone Jones DE UCLA

2.34 Johnthan Banks CB Miss St.

2.61 John Jenkins DT Georgia

3.74 Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennesse Tech

3.93 T.J. McDonald FS USC

4.128 Mike Gillislee RB Florida

4.131 Dion Sims TE Michigan St.

5.157 Robert Lester SS Alabama

5.164 Tharold Simon CB LSU

6.180 Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin

7.227 Brett Maher K Nebraska

7.237 Mike Purcell DT Wyoming

7.246 Craig Roh DE Michigan

7.252 We Horton DE/OLB USC

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Overall, it would keep a smile on my face all week.

A+ picks are: Datone J. and Sims
B+ pick are: Banks and Lester
The rest: C/C+ decent, but I'd prefer others likely available.
Love the first 5 picks
Sad thing is Jones N banks maybe gone by tha time our picks happen .. I think if we want Jones we'll have to move up 6-8 picks N banks could go to Jacksonville if he's there at #33 they lost/cut a few CBs .... I'd rather have B.Williams at DT/NT ... IMO if we took a RB at all its just a wasted pick N yrs I know gore getting old few injury guys buy we could take a RB next yr RBs translate frm college to NFL easily ...
Love everything but the RB in 4th. Good job!
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First 5 would leave me ecstatic
Originally posted by niners9:
Love everything but the RB in 4th. Good job!

Agree with this.
Some of these picks are just a i wish it happens.
McDonald's not the S we need...while he did play FS and SS at USC, he was also protected during his senior season so he wouldn't get caught up in coverage. He projects as a SS in the NFL...and his draft profile scores him at 66.5. By contrast, Phillip Thomas's score is 74.5...he's a true FS and a real ballhawk. Overcame a broken leg and dislocated ankle to have a terrific senior season...led the nation w/8 picks, 3 returned for TD's. Matt Elam grades out at 80.0...fine all-around S...big hitter, good in coverage. Consistently among top 3-4 S in the country. Jonathan Cyprien scored 90.6...and his stock is definitely rising. Even with that grade, the profile mentioned he gets sucked in by play-action, allowing receivers to get behind him. Sound like somebody else we know? Kenny Vaccaro scored 87.7...with Cyprien's rise on draft boards, KV may not be the first S chosen now. As for the Niners, I like Phillip Thomas...not only for his ballhawking skills, but he's a warrior. You don't come back from serious leg injuries with the kind of senior season he had if you're not. Sorry for the long S saga, but it's important to know who the best prospects are. I like your idea of beefing up the DL with a couple of "bigs"...just can't do it at the expense of one of the best S. Really, I like the rest of your draft.
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