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Mock yeah, trades yeah

Ok, 1 big trade the rest stay the same:

Pick 31 traded with #74, #128, #157, and #222 yeah 5 picks thats right now for who and why:

#17 Sheldon Richardson

Ok i battled with this one. The guy is talent and he is being brought in to replace Justin Smith next year. Now the reason we are giving up so much for him is because what it'll do for Smith. I love the man he is immense already, now take what he already does and then light a bigger fire under his ass knowing that he'll need a new team next year and the better he performs this year the bigger the contract he'll get. Now that's a reason to do a trade like this one.

So as this looks like a lot to give up we are going to reaping the benefits of it next year and years into the future. Also its D-Line depth in case Smith gets injured.

STRENGTHS Scouts like the light feet Richardson shows for his size, as he is able to twist inside and chase plays to the sideline with great speed. That agility, combined with his length, makes him a strong tackler in close quarters. Richardson's first step off the snap, especially when lined up over the ball, is quite impressive; he gets into the backfield in a heartbeat, beating reach-blocks and will work his way through double-teams if he sees the ball in the quarterback's hands. He plays with leverage at the point of attack at times despite his height, holding his ground and wrestling with attitude. Has enough athleticism that Missouri uses him as a standup rusher and to drop into short zone coverages over the middle of the field, where shows the ability to cover crossing receivers and tight ends in a short area

WEAKNESSES Richardson can struggle to break down and his upper-body strength is not elite, which means his high pad level and failure to use his hands to shed blocks can allow him to get turned from the hole and taken to the ground once off-balance. He had surgery in the offseason to repair a shoulder injury, so he must show his strength has improved. A better player in pursuit than he is holding the point against the run, where he can struggle to anchor. Drag down lunging tackler that misses ball carriers in space.


#34 Zach Ertz

I've been on the Ertz bandwagon since before Delanie left and got paid, I also think he's the reason we didn't pick up Coby Fleener last year. Also an Offensive set up of Vernon Davis, Crabtree, Boldin and Ertz with Kap and Gore is to die for. Also Ertz has potential to be no.1 tight end in the future if Vernon decides to get paid so this pick is well worth it.

STRENGTHS Smooth athlete with good route quickness to create some separation and sneaky speed to get behind the defense. Sturdy, well-built frame, adding 30 pounds of bulk and muscle since he arrived in Palo Alto. Tough with the ball in his hands and isn't afraid to deliver hits, lowering his pads and finishing runs. Not afraid to get physical as a blocker and gives good effort in this area, always looking for someone to block downfield. Tracks the ball well and does a nice job adjusting his frame to make the tough catch, extending and plucking. Looks like he has glue on his hands with some of the catches he is able to make. Does a nice job selling his patterns, getting good depth in his routes and immediately looking for the ball out of his breaks. Nice job deceiving defenders and finding soft spots in coverage to make something happen after the catch, averaging over 13 yards per catch in 2012. Has experience all over the offense for Stanford, lining up in-line, slot and out wide, but looked most comfortable in the slot. In 2012 Ertz doubled Coby Fleener's production from the year before, earning All-American honors as a Mackey Award finalist. Hard worker on and off the field and plans to graduate in June.

WEAKNESSES Missed half of his sophomore year due to injury. Must prove his straight-line speed to scouts. Will not elude NFL defensive backs after the catch with pure quickness. Inconsistent in-line blocker, can get after his man but also loses the leverage battle and gets pushed back too easily. Misses second-level blocks when lunging at targets instead of getting position. Nice job adding bulk to his frame, but needs to continue to develop his strength to sustain blocks at the line of scrimmage. Will round off some routes at times and needs to better control himself in/out of his breaks. Needs to do a better job coming down with contested throws and will drop some easy ones – seems to have at least one drop each game.


#61 Brandon Williams

I could have traded back on this pick and would do if Williams is off the board by this but it seemed like too much effort. A lot of people have mocked Williams and thats because after him its a huge drop off talent at NT.

STRENGTHS Presents a low center of gravity and strong upper body to push consistently push man-up blockers into the backfield. Gets hands on his man fast, extends his arm to get leverage and can hold his ground. Uses his hands to swim or rip past blockers into the backfield. Also wins gaps by attacking a shoulder or out-quicking his man with a first step. Moves down the line adeptly while engaged to flow with plays. Flashes the agility to jump over trash inside and move well in a stand-up rush position despite his thick lower body. Directs teammates on their responsibilities before the snap. Lines up at five-technique, nose and everywhere in-between.

WEAKNESSES Doesn't make a lot of plays outside the box because of average effort and closing speed. Inconsistent at finding the ball, lowers his head at times trying to win gaps, allowing himself to get ridden out of plays. Slow to spin off blocks, and double-teams can move him. Must prove himself against stronger linemen, also that he has the stamina to be more than a rotational player.

NFL COMPARISON Brandon Thompson

#93 Phillip Thomas

Free safety thats good in coverage, and can challenge for a starting spot against Dahl and Robinson. Don't know why has him as a SS but the breakdown on him is fair enough.

STRENGTHS Athletic, physical defender. Strong tackler with good length and the attitude to throw down ballcarrier. Breaks down well when approaching ballcarriers in space, has quick feet and agility to make the stop. Quick enough to stay with tight ends and some receivers in coverage, can undercut to knock away or pick off late throws. Nice ball skills to extend away from his frame to make the moderate-to-difficult interception. Sticks his nose in against the run when making that read, fills a hole, flows through traffic to find the ball, or adds himself into piles with reckless abandon. Comes downhill from two-deep look with speed. Adept blitzer off the edge, makes ballcarrier pay in thebackfield if not accounted for.

WEAKNESSES Missed 2011 season due to a leg injury. Not corner-like in his change of direction ability in man coverage against quicker receivers, though more than adequate for an NFL safety. Can get nosy on play action, getting sucked up or failing to drop deep enough when starting around the line. Loses battles against better receiver blocks in the run game. Needs to prove he has the strength to stop pro ballcarriers in their tracks and be an intimidator in the back half when receivers come over the middle.


#131 Steve Williams

Bit of a reach I know and he is short at 5'9 but he's got a very good jump on him. No way going to be a starter in the first year but if Brown is thinking of testing the free agency waters in the future we may just have his replacement on the roster. I know we'll need a replacement for Rodgers but that's what FA 2014 is for.

#164 Ace Sanders

Since my draft crush Tavon Austin seems to be getting higher and higher in mocks i think he may be too pricey for us. So this is my backup, Tavon Austin lite. Can basically be our Ted Ginn replacement and can fill in for depth on WR. Upside is obvious but whether he ever reaches it or not is the question. He may see his chance if AJ struggles again this season.

#180 Earl Wolff

I really, really, really want to replicate Seattles lucky draft pick with Sherman, I hate that guy but if he was on our team well never mind he isn't. Its not gonna happen but Wolff has the best upside of the remaining SS. Well built even if short, i would be willing to trade this pick away for next year but we do need a replacement for Donte. He would contribute on ST teams immediately and could become a starter in the future.

Not arsed about the rest. PS guys.

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Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!
I would like Phillip Thomas as a FS and Eric Reid playing SS for the team. I wish I wish I wish
Am i glad you're not our GM
Check it out i see no reason why we cant get
D.Jones and J. Williams with our 1st 2 picks
Atlanta traded 5 picks to jump in the top 10 to grab Julio Jones. You traded 5 picks to move up to 17 for Sheldon Richardson?
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Atlanta traded 5 picks to jump in the top 10 to grab Julio Jones. You traded 5 picks to move up to 17 for Sheldon Richardson?
exact samething i was about to post. That's going overboard
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Atlanta traded 5 picks to jump in the top 10 to grab Julio Jones. You traded 5 picks to move up to 17 for Sheldon Richardson?

Didn't they trade 2 1st rounders. We trade 1 and the second to last one
Thanks for f**king up our future
Originally posted by valrod33:
Thanks for f**king up our future

Your welcome.

Originally posted by Rgonelove:
Am i glad you're not our GM
Check it out i see no reason why we cant get
D.Jones and J. Williams with our 1st 2 picks

Maybe I preferred Sheldon to Jones, and maybe so does Trent, and so do numerous draft scouts that have Sheldon higher rated than Jones.
Love the picks - not the trades!

TRADE all of that ... for one guy???? No way!!!! This draft is DEEP in talent. Better off getting SOLID players @ 5 different positions. Trying to sustain a DYNASTY...
Would Richardson even fall down to #17?
It's "jeah!"


Ryan Lochte
Considering the history of first round DT busts doesnt seem smart to leverage that much for a player who may not even start until year 2 or 3.

Will we use all 14 picks? no, but we dont need to be careless with them... trade a few for future picks in higher rounds and solidify our depth. There is no depth on this roster and this draft has a chance to solidify that for the next few years.
If Floyd and Star goes in top 5, and I think they will, the move for Richarson will heat up BIG TIME!
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