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Otis mock 3.0

To lower the actual number of picks i trade 2-7th round picks and our lone 6th for a mid 5.
Trade 2 5th's and our 4th for a mid 3.
Should leave us with
1,2,2,3,3,3,4(comp) 7(comp) 7(comp)
I guess we wont know officially till the comps are announced.

1. Datone Jones De Ucla 6'4" 283 expect him to rotate on both the LE and RE position.
2. Zach Ertz TE Stanford 6'5" 249 will work right into our two tight end sets and is a huge upgrade over Walker.
2. Phillip Thomas FS Fresno St. 6'1" 208 should compete for the starting spot left vacant by Goldson.
3. Brandon Williams NT miss.SS. 6'1" 335 should compete for the starting nose guard position with Williams and Dorsey
3. Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss 6'4" 250 backup pass rusher stud.
3. Leon McFadden CB SanD st. 5'10" 193 new cb to push the other guys.
4. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina 5'11" 221 may start the season on pup but a superb talent looking to prove people wrong.
7. Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt 6'1" 212 not Aaron but we did send alot of scouts to Vandy games...?
7. Caleb Sturgis K Florida 5'10" 188 instant starter.

More then likely we will trade a pick or two for future picks but this is my draft and i pawned them for another 3rd basically. But landed jamie collins for them.
No O-line help N I think we need a CB instead of a TE at #34 brown is a free agent next yr N Rogers is old N 8+mill N yea I know we may sign woodson N or asomugha but I don't care young good CBs are always good to have N please no RB I don't care how good he'll be RB translate so easily into starters its a wasted pick besides we have next yr draft picks to grab a good RB. this is tha yr of DEFENSE we need to load up ....
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On another site we're doing a mock and the guy who is doing Miami said he's interested in getting an extra first round pick. I was looking at the trade value chart and was gonna offer him 31, 125, 211, and 221 for 42 and 82. That would give us 34, 42, 61, 74, 82, and 93. We'd get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick to make up for 125 and get those two 7th round comp picks.
Im all for trading up or down with our first.
Love Jamie Collins. Hope he drops that far
Solid draft Groucho. Datone Jones may go higher.
Works for me. Guess the offensive line will have to wait until after the draft for their backup OT ........
Ertz will not be a 49er. His blocking is terrible and that is something that our #2 TE will have to excel at
Looks like the same ol webzone favorites drafted. However, I think Ertz will be a 49er. We don't need a blocking TE. We need a TE who is a red zone threat and that Ertz. Look at his numbers from Harbaugh's last season at the Farm and you'll see. He is the exact opposite of Vernon Davis, not as athletic and not as good of a blocker, but a precision route runner and has tremounds hands and AWARENESS.
Ertz might not be the best (still not bad at all) pass blocker but he is a very good run and down field blocker.
Im actually not high on jones i just dont see another prospect in that area for that position.

I'd love this draft. It's pretty close to my mock especially the first four picks then Lattimore.
Nice mock Otis...I like the top very much and the rest is fine depending on what the actual needs are...Center? WR? These may be huge needs or they are comfortable where they stand. Wish I knew what Baalke and Harbaugh think!
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Fine draft Otis.

IMO, Sturgis won't be there in the 7th.
fine work lord otis
Instead of using two picks to take a DE and a NT, Baalke could draft Sly Williams and get a player who can play both inside and out. W/Dorsey and Ian Williams on board, why draft a NT...besides, there are two openings on the DL...Dorsey's filled one and whomever they draft will fill the other. WRT Ertz, I wouldn't be so quick to diss his blocking...analysts have said he improved a ton his senior season. Why forsake arguably the best TE in the country? Walker wasn't much a blocker early on...and Ertz has great hands. Agree w/need to draft a swing OT. I like the rest of the picks.
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