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Ambitious Mock Draft

No reason to trade up to get a versatile "big" personal fave is Sly Williams, who can play anywhere on the DL, has size and is very quick. Love Elam at #34 and am down w/Taylor at #57. By not trading up, Baalke would still have 3 more picks in 1st 3 rds...that can net some terrific talent. One guy I hope they pull the trigger on is WR Marcus Davis...big, talented receiver who could in essence replace Walker. He ran a 4.45 X 40 and is 6-4 and over 230 lbs. Other possibilities are OLB and a swing OT.
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as to other comments:

originally from southern illinois (always go to the niner game in st. louis), but i attended purdue. not a boilermaker in spirit though.

How can you not be a boilermaker in spirit? New football coach has me excited, basketball team is in a down year but will be back next year. I was born and raised in Lafayette, so i definitely have the spirit. As long as you have some hatred for anything IU, I'll let it slide lol.

PS: sorry for hijacking the thread.
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