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Justin Hunter - Tennessee

Originally posted by 9RVOLS:
Originally posted by Travisty13:
Da'Rick Rogers is better.

As a Tennessee fan I agree with you. I like them both, but Rogers is the better football player. He was great when Hunter went down a couple years ago. Just my opinion.

What's funny is that Rogers was the expected #1 wideout for Tennessee this year. Hunter was second and Patterson was third on the depth chart. Then Rogers gets the boot, Hunter is still (considered to be) an early second round pick, and Patterson is considered a top 10 player by most. And to think Rogers was believed to be better than both of them by his coaches (and the community mind you)....AND he could still be there at the end of rd 2/beginning of rd 3??

Originally posted by eonblue:
Originally posted by Travisty13:
Im not attacking you in any way actually. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were actually older than an 18-21 year old. How would I know one way or the other? My point was you didn't act like a knucklehead when you were younger (Da'Rick's age range)? And just to be clear, I never asked you age nor does it matter. Calling a young guy a head case when you don't know him personally is ignorant imo. You seem a little sensitive though, no need to get upset over a message board post. Just saying to read the book on a kid before you just assume something on the cover.

How do you know hes not a headcase? All reports say he has behavior problems. Nobody has time for that.

He had a bad rep on Tennessee's campus and cheated on an exam. The failed drug tests were one major cover-up.
Originally posted by robniner:
He had a bad rep on Tennessee's campus and cheated on an exam. The failed drug tests were one major cover-up.

never read or heard about that. do u have a link?
No doubt he's got NFL written all over him, but having acquired Boldin, it's not as big of a need early. The kid who really intrigues me is Marcus Davis, the big WR from VA Tech. Great size and ran a 4.45 X 40...he could replace Walker, to some extent, either as TE or WR (a la Walker). He could be available late 3rd rd, early 4th.
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