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one way to make up for the loss of delanie walker

walker's versatility gave roman options to try to create mismatchs---whether it be walker making a wham block on an unsuspecting dlineman or getting isolated downfield on a loineback

but niners offense seems to be morphing into a different form with the introduction of kaerpernick as the qb, the pistol and read option etc

it seems to me that tavon austin is a unique talent that might be a guy who replaces walkers on snaps, but in a different way...

with his ability to run as well as catch the ball, he could be put in the slot and catch alot of passes underneath, or take handoffs on the jet fly and other pitch plays...he wouldnt block like walker did but would create mismatches like walker did, but in a different way

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The coaching staff did a great job when they switched from Alex Smith to Kaep. Yes, DWalk was important, but the coaching staff will be able to overcome and adapt. They are great at it. I would love to have Tavon Austin, with the signing of Boldin, WR is not as much of a priority as it was.
ugh no midget WR
Boldin can do what Walker did

But yeah, I'd be happy with Tavon Austin, could you imagine them going with a 3 WR set featuring Crabtree, Boldin, Austin and VD at the TE spot. Good luck with that.

Although I'd also quite enjoy a 3 WR set featuring Crabtree, Boldin and Quinton Patton, or Crabtree, Boldin and Da'Rick Rogers. Beast mode activated!
I think walker took a lot of touches away from vernon davis. He seemed to be more fortunate than good. Honestly in glad he's gone.
Chris Harper.
I will always remember him for his clutch TD against the Lions in 2011, but he had some really bad drops this past year. Drops that a lot of TEs would have caught with ease.

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He knows the system from playing in it for 4 years and is a better pass catcher and has similar ability in the run game. Take him with 34th pick
I'm wondering if our signing of Dorsey means we don't take a DL in the draft with our first two picks...meaning we are in the Eifert hunt now.
Celek is a pretty decent te.
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