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Trade #31 and #34 for Star Lotulelei?

Trade #31 and #34 for Star Lotulelei?

I would consider it if his medical checks out. But i think he's a 5 tech....
The 49ers just meet with Glen Dorsey from KC. who went 5th in the 2008 draft. KC is letting him walk because Dorsey is considered a bust, recording just four sacks in 65 starts in his tenure in Kansas City. I remember they said the same things about Dorsey being dominant, that they are saying about Star. Maybe Star will be the best D-lineman in this draft, who knows?

I wouldn't burn 31 and 34 for Star. There really isn't much difference this year between the top 15 slots and the bottom 15 slots in the first round. The strength of the draft runs from the latter half of the first to the earlier third. We've got 5 picks there. Since you never hit on all the players you draft, if 3 out of the 5 contribute, it will be a great draft. We are just where we want to be in this draft.
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Based off Kiper's (yes, I know he usually sucks, but whatever) latest mock, Star falls to 13 to Tampa Bay, who doesn't really need him but is a great value pick. Based off the draft value chart, if we trade 31 and 34, that's almost exactly enough for the 13th pick.

I think, if his medical checks out, that this would be the steal of the draft and would actually be an immediate upgrade at the NT position. What do you guys think?

a) he is NOT a NT. He is a 5-tech in our scheme
b) he is not worth 2 picks
c) I'm not a fan of DLs whose scouting report consistently reads "splash player who disappears for long stretches of time." That's fine from a S, not a DE
d) We can't afford to pay the #13 pick
e) I don't anticipate we'll be using pick #34. Look for that to turn into a 2014 pick

Umm.. Exactly how much do you think #13 will cost? Because the last I checked, even after acquiring Bolden, we're around 6 mil under the cap. You know there is a rookie wage scale, right?

C'mon, man. There's no prospect in this draft worth that.
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I think getting Star at pick 13 is an example of not knowing the strenght of this draft. This draft is flat in talent, picks 31 and picks 34 you probably can get the same calibur player as pick 13. Now lets look at risk, picking two players at 31 and 34 with a combined salary less than pick 13 carries lower risk.

You have two shots on goal with two picks to get two contributors. Picking one player is roling the dice, if his heart condition does not work out, you lost out on two other potential starters. Huge risk.
Just say Nay
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