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Boldin to 49ers for 6th CONFIRMED

@RavensInsider: Anquan Boldin traded to #49ers for a sixth-round pick
what? really?
I heard it too. I love the trade.
Say what? ????? Is this 4 real
Don't know about this read bolding a raven for life thinker N said he would retire rather then play for another team....
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Don't know if I was first or if this should be in Niner Talk. I tried to scoop it as soon as I saw the tweets.
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Richard Sherman against Boldin is gonna be a good one.
Wow NFL live just confirmed trade ....
They just announced the trade on NFL Live!
Originally posted by GORO:
Richard Sherman against Boldin is gonna be a good one.

You mad bro? lol

Great trade - should make priorities in the draft different and easier to focus on DL and S/DB.

Going to make for some interesting matchups. RZ scoring should get even better.
I did see the same link on CBSSportsline...Jason LaCanfora confirmed it! Wow, Baalke, you're a genius!
f**k yeah, BABY!!!!
A nice veteran WR with one to two years left in the tank for a 6th round pick? Yes, please.
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