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defensive prospects compatible in niners scheme

niners run base 3-4 ..3 man fronts involve big bodied pluggers who can stack the line occupy space and set the edge allowing linebackers to rush the passer...with guards being left uncovered versus an odd man front, linebackers who have size and take on ability are prized..while teams may employ a mixture of man and zone coverages, niners, according to PFW emphasize zone..

corners who excel/project in zone schemes include logan ryan, david amerson, sanders commings jamar taylor jordan poyer micah hyde, marc anthony dj hayden and terrence brown...they may be more compatible to niners scheme than the follwoing corners who have exceled/played in mainly man schemes---de miliner, jonthan banks, desmond trufant, xavier rhodes, blidi wreh wilson, darius slay, will davis, tharold simon, robert alford and leon mcfadden

5 technique dlineman include datone jones, kapron lewis moore, william gholston, damien square and jared smith...potnetial nose tackles are star louleilei, john jenkins, jesse williams, kwame geathers and montori hughes

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Not sure about Hughes I've read he's more of a 4-3 DT I like Jones tho N Brandon Williams N Brandon Jenkins think if we can get them our defense will be stacks N young ...I wont nothing to do with gholston that a bust name in my eyes ...Joe Kruger my draft crush tough kid hard nose high motor ...
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