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Mock Draft (Name your draft crush)

So I've been trolling my draft crushes on other people's threads for a while now. Thought it would be a good time to throw them all into one place... a realistic draft with all of them!

Instead of doing a mock FA (like most people do), I'll predict how I think last years draft picks will contribute since I think their contributions will be far greater than anything we get out of FA. I'm also assuming that we won't bring back any of our own free agents, and if we do, they won't have any impact on how we draft.

Trenton Robinson (FS):
He was projected to be a 3-4th round pick. We got him in the 6th. I predict he will be our starter at FS. He will improve our coverage ability from the FS position.

Darius Fleming (OLB):
He will provide the extra depth at OLB that we were lacking in 2012. He will make Haralson expendable, but we may keep both of them to back up Aldon and Brooks.

AJ Jenkins (WR):
I expect that we will loose Delanie Walker and run more 3 WR sets in 2013. In 3 WR sets, Crabtree will slide in to the slot and Jenkins will come in at flanker and be our deep threat. He will still be a situational guy, but will fill a role very well in his second year.

Now for the 2013 draft:

1st round (31 overall):
Datone Jones, DE 6'4" 283 lbs

Our biggest need is to find a replacement for Justin Smith and to start grooming that guy now. Datone Jones is that guy. We may have to move up a few spots to ensure we get him, but with all the picks we have in rounds 3-5 that should be easy to do.

2nd round (34 overall):
Jesse Williams, NT 6'3" 323 lbs

Our most immediate need is a NT. Jesse Williams is extremely powerful, but also quite athletic. He could provide depth at the DE spot behind Ray MacDonald in nickle packages as well as being our starting NT.

Trade picks 74 and 95 to Green Bay for their 2nd round pick (55 overall):
Da'Rick Rogers, WR 6'3" 217 lbs

I expect there will be a run of WRs picked in the 2nd round. There are only 2-3 WRs with 1st round grades, but there could be 7-8 guys taken in the 2nd. We will need to trade up to get one. Rogers is my favorite. Possibly the most physically talented in the draft. Drug use and playing his senior year at Tennessee Tech hurt his stock (if not he'd probably be a top 20 pick). This guy has amazing short area quickness for someone his size. Would be a fantastic split-end opposite Crabtree and an excellent red-zone target.

2nd round (61 overall):
Bacarri Rambo, FS 6'1" 211 lbs

He is listed as a FS, but I would like to see him replace Whitner at SS. He is a ball hawk with great athleticism. Comparable to Dashon Goldson. In an ideal world, Goldson would be staying as our SS and Whitner would get the boot. But that can't happen, so let's draft a similar guy to fill that role. Rambo and Trenton Robinson would be a huge upgrade to our pass defense without too much drop-off in the run-game.

3rd round (comp):
Travis Kelce, TE 6'5" 255 lbs

Should we loose Delanie Walker we will need another pass-catching TE. Kelce could fill that role right away, with better size than Walker. He does need time to develop as a blocker. But with out current group of TEs, he should get that time.

4th round (31st pick in 4th round):
David Quessenberry, OT 6'5" 302 lbs

We need a good swing tackle to backup Staley and Davis. Quessenberry (from SJ State) has good quickness and is a solid pass blocker. However, he needs to develop as a run blocker. Good value late in the 4th round.

5th round (24th pick in 5th round):
Marcus Lattimore, RB 5'11" 221 lbs

A bigger RB with great potential. He's a solid north/south runner that would be a nice compliment to LaMichael James. He's recovering from a serious knee injury, which is why he may be available at this point in the draft. But we have the depth at RB for him to fully recover before being thrust into action.

5th round (31st pick in 5th round):
Dustin Hopkins, K 6'2" 193 lbs

Best kicker in the draft. Need I say more.

I don't care at this point. Anybody picked in the 6th and 7th round likely won't make the 53 man roster. Maybe PS guys here.

So go ahead and name your own draft crushes. Be sure to include why you like them, why they would be a good fit for our team, and most importantly... where would you draft them (realistically) with our picks?
Man-crushes are a serious business.... lots of other prospects I like.. but these guys, I'd love to have as 49ers...

DE / Datone Jones ------- 20-31 range
TE / Tyler Eifert ------------ 20-31 range

CB / Jordan Poyer -------- 34-50 range
S / D.J. Swearinger ------ 45-61 range

CB / B.W. Webb ---------- (late 3rd/4th rd range)

WR / Aaron Mellette ----- (late 4th/5th rd range)
DL / Chris Jones ---------- (late 4th/5th rd range)
31. Jesse Williams DT Alabama - would be a good fit at NT, quick and gets some pressure up the middle but mostly clogs the run lanes, could flip out to end
34. DeAundre Hopkins WR Clemson - big fast deep threat with good hands, probably won't get past Baltimore if Boldin is leaving, I would trade up for him
61. Phillip Thomas FS Fresno State - ball hawking FS, if Goldson leaves we need help on the back end
76. Vance McDonald TE Rice - top Hback prospect, if Walker leaves he should be able to pick up the role
3rd. Robert Alford CB Southeastern Louisiana - fast playmaking defensive back, gives good option on passing downs and slot coverage
3rd. David Quessenberry OT San Jose State - solid tackle to add depth and be backup, will have time to add bulk and develop
4th. Chris Harper WR Kansas State - big physical receiver with decent speed, really liked him on game day, big target downfield
5th. Brian Schwenke C California - groomed to take over at center, looks like the best center in the draft, plays run and pass well
5th. David Bass DE Missouri Western State - pass rushing DE that has some coverage ability, versatile passing down player to backup Aldon and Brooks
6th. Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois - size, speed and ball hawking ability, bring him in and let him compete
6th. Will Pericak DT Colorado - 5 tech to bring in behind Justin, if your looking for his clone this is as close as it gets in this draft
7th. Quinton Dial DT Alabama - can play inside and outside with good athleticism, RJF replacement
7th. Jeff Tuel QB Washington State - athletic and mobile, bring him in to hold the clipboard and compete
7th. Alec Lemon WR Syracuse - clutch receiver with some injury concerns, roll the dice here
7th. Darren Thellen FS Massachusetts - team leader, good production on a poor team, decent speed and ball skills, special teams player

These are more draft crushes than realistic choices at these spots but I tried to make them possible. We will trade some of these picks I am sure but wanted to use each slot to highlight the players I like throughout each round.
Leon Sandcastle
I think I love the Datone Jones, Jesse Williams, Da'Rick Rodgers, Bacarri Rambo combination.
Toss up between... Ertz & Eifert!
Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
I think I love the Datone Jones, Jesse Williams, Da'Rick Rodgers, Bacarri Rambo combination.

Yeah, last year we went with small, speedy guys... finesse players. You need those kinds of guys. But football is a tough sport. A draft with Jones, Williams, Rogers, and Rambo would keep us from turning into a finesse team.
Originally posted by blm7754:
Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
I think I love the Datone Jones, Jesse Williams, Da'Rick Rodgers, Bacarri Rambo combination.

Yeah, last year we went with small, speedy guys... finesse players. You need those kinds of guys. But football is a tough sport. A draft with Jones, Williams, Rogers, and Rambo would keep us from turning into a finesse team.

Good point, they are all physical. Even more, I like how it address our needs with players who are good fits with high upside. Jesse Williams can play both DL spots and projects as a more talented Sopoaga. Perfect fit. Jones is a well rounded pass rushing 5-tech. Perfect fit. And Da'Rick has first round talent.
Deandre Hopkins
Also like Rhodes

NOT crush? Cyprien. Grossly overrated
Joe Kruger DE Utah tough high motor kid late round 5-7 hope we grab him

Holy s**t.... 49ers aquire Boldin from Baltimore via trade for a 6th round pick!

I stand by my original statement, that FA should not affect how we draft. We should still draft a WR, Boldin is likely not a long term solution, but gives us some flexibility with who we draft and when.
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Draft crushes:

Jonathan Hankins
Jonathan Banks
David Amerson
Chase Thomas
Kawann Short
Phillip Thomas
Quinton Patton
Shawn Williams
Robert Lester
Zach Ertz
Joseph Randle
Margus Hunt
John Simon

13 players.....we gotta come away with at least one or two of them.
Ryan Swope

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YUUUUP Ryan Swope. He is by far my draft crush. Everything you want in a football player. Plays with a fire in his belly, fights for catches and yards after. No idea if it will translate to the next level, but kid has tools like Welker and plays with the piss and vinegar of Hines Ward. I want to draft him so bad, much rather draft this kid than spend money on Cribbs.
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