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Could the browns go quarterback again?

I was thinking that with Chud in Cleveland now and all the reports coming out of Cleveland say that both Weeden and McCoy are available for trade. I wonder if Geno slides to them, if they will pull the plug? Weeden definately has a red flag with his age, I'm assuming the Browns have that "I want my guy" mentality and Geno Smith has some similar atheletic gifts to the same quarterback that Chud coached in Carolina the last two seasons, Cam Newton. If Geno falls to them, does anybody think this regime would pull the plug, back to back first round quarterbacks two years in a row?
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I have enormous confidence in their ability to screw things up. But no, don't think so but who knows with Cleveland?
Oh, and
A cruel, but funny, video English!
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
A cruel, but funny, video English!

Never been to Cleveland, but I love the video and the other one the same guy did. I have been to Detroit, though!
Superb video and so VERY sad for the people who live there.

Talk about blowing i up and starting over again - what a clusterf--k.
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Oh, and

Wouldn't be shocked at all. A similar situation happened in Carolina with Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton. I doubt Chudzinski is too high on Weeden.
browns gonna brown
Same old Browns..............then again, they have $ 46 million plus in cap room. Maybe they could buy their way out of mediocrity between free agency and the draft?

Probably not.

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Rumor is they are trying to trade for Ryan Mallet, so no I don't think they will draft a QB. Well at least not on the first day.
I hope so. The more quarterbacks that go early in the draft the better for us.

It's certainly possible. I couldn't believe it when they took a 30 year-old QB in the 1st last year lol
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