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Beeker's first ever Mock Draft Attempt

great haul if it turns out that way
Originally posted by kronik:
great haul if it turns out that way

Ditto. Looks good.
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Picks 1-9 are awesome!!!

And the rest of the picks I believe are just camp fodder.
if we go QB in the 3rd it better be because EJ Manual is there
Originally posted by JamesGatz83:
Originally posted by buck:
At the combine, Cornelius Carradine was 6'4 and weighed 276 lbs, which means he is closer in size to Justin Smith than he is to Aldon Smith.

Carradine is basically the same size as Datone Jones. Jones was 6'3 7/8 and weighed 283 lbs.

Carradine has longer arms-- 34 3/4"-- Jones' arms were 32 3/4".

Cornelius Washington, an OLB from Georgia, was 6'4 and weighed 265 lbs.

Maybe, you got them confused.

Size is not the only factor. Datone Jones is an interior player, Tank Carradine is an edge player. Asking Carradine to knock down inside would be a waste of his ability as an edge rusher.

As an FSU fan, I saw a lot of his ability to turn the corner and drop his shoulder. He is a tremendous edge rusher, and he would be absolutely wasted at 3-4 DE.

I originally suggested Carradine as a 3rd round alternative pick to the OP's choice of Darius Slay (CB). I agree he's more of a 4-3 edge rusher and 3-4 DE is a very different position. There would be a learning curve for sure. But the dude is athletic and we would have time to develop him. Due to his ACL injury, he probably shouldn't be slated to play much initially anyway.

In our defense, the 3-4 DE often is an edge rusher when the OLB drops into coverage. In those scenarios, it would be handy to have a guy with some pass rush ability. He also has a very powerful bull-rush (an important skill for 3-4 DEs). And at 6'4" 276, he could easily gain 10 pounds and be close in size to Justin Smith (BTW Justin Smith was a 4-3 DE when he came into the league as well).

He has all the physical tools to be our Justin Smith replacement some day. If he lasts to the end of the 2nd or early 3rd, we should snatch him up.
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Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Gotta say, for your first attempt, you did a nice job. I would like to see a S somewhere early, though. Goldson's not coming back unless it's with his tail between his legs after he realizes nobody's going to pay him $8M per. Whitner's going into the last year of his contract. It's possible they'd move Culliver to FS, I think he'd be a real ballhawk, something we haven't had in quite a few years. Still, it'd be smart to take one of the better S. I have to agree w/Ghost, I think Baalke could do better than fave at this point is Sylvester Williams. He's got size (6-3-315), versatilty, and is really quick (5.03 X 40 for a guy his size is excellent). I still think Baalke will trade up...once, maybe twice to land THE player he and Harbaugh are nutcase over. If they come out of the draft with 8 or so blue-chip players, job well done, IMHO.

I'm not sure Williams will be there, at least, not as sure as I think Hankins will be. Either one will work, I just think the odds are that Hankins is there. I could see the boys trading up - but not much, maybe 5 or 6 slots max. Best guess is 6 players that have a realistic shot to make this team in some form. I understand yo0ur desire for a safety - I think that issue could be addressed through FA/Trade, and certainly the draft, as well as players already with the team.
I suck. 2 out of 9 correct, the only one dead on was the Lattimore pick.
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You nailed the camp fodder picks:)
Originally posted by Beeker:
I suck. 2 out of 9 correct, the only one dead on was the Lattimore pick.

I was one of doubled my score...LOL! Just an exercise in humility for me!

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