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Jobiwon's offseason and mock draft

FA: It looks like goldson is gone. His demands are too high. If he takes 6Mil/yr, then keep him and move to SS and cut Whitner

Resign:Delaine Walker
Ricky Jean-Francois
Tarvares Gooden

Ted Ginn
Isaac Sopoago
Leonard Davis

Cuts: David Akers

Restructure salary down:Parys Haralson - reserve OLB
Carlos Rogers - nickel back, maybe move Culliver to S
Goodwin - Looney to start at C.

Sign: Rames Barden WR or David Nelson WR - tall WR with good hands and a red zone threat
Victor Bulter OLB/DE - backup pash rusher available since Dallas switched to 4-3
Keenan Lewis CB - bigger CB who can cover but doesn't get many Int's though
Possible: Josh Johnson QB or Tim Tebow QB if released. - backup QB

Alex Smith to KC. I thought we could get a 2nd with the market for QB's. The pick next year was a bonus. A trade for Revis would blow this offseason scenario up, but I wouldn't trade anything higher than a 3rd for him and would want a long term contract first. If it happens, I think it would be more like a 4th and 5th this year and a 3rd next.

Draft: We use our lower picks to work up in the rounds to get targeted players. I need some names for the 7th rnd. I was late following the draft with the 49ers going to the SB.
We trade our 1, 3B and 7B pick to Minn for pick 23.
We trade our 4A and 6B to move up in the 2nd
We trade our 5A to move up in the 3rd
We trade 6A and 7A for a late 5th rnd

First round: Datone Jones, DE
Second Round: Zach Ertz, TE
Second round: Phillip Thomas, S
Third round: Brandon Williams, DT
Fourth round Comp: Marcus Lattimore, RB
Fifth round: Matt Scott QB
Fifth round: Dustin Hopkins K
Seventh round Comp: BPA, small school OT
Seventh round Comp: BPA, small school CB
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Te in second when we resign walker..... waste of pick. Get a rec there
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On the list of needs after signing walker te would be dead last
Yeah, I like most of what you did here, but let Walker take a ... walk.
We trade our 3B and 7B pick to Minn for pick 23.

Tebow. No.
Are sure that the #94 (3b) plus a 7th is enough to move up 8 spots in the first?

Some position rankings have Margus Hunt above Datone Jones. Obviously, you have a jones for Jones. One or the other may fall to #31 or in Hunt's case #34, cause of his age and lack of football experience.

With the #94 pick, we might be able to take:
• Jamar Taylor CB - can compete with Culliver right away.
• Brandon Williams DT a good candidate for NT
• William Gholston DE (While Gholston isn't as talented as Datone Jones, is Datone Jones as good as William Gholston + Jamar Taylor, a fast CB, 4.32 40, who is good in coverage and not afraid to tackle? )
• Marcus Lattimore RB (Perhaps the second coming of Frank Gore?) Most value charts I'm seeing have him between 90 and 100. Won't last till our 4th comp unless he doesn't check out medically.)

Scenario 1:
My preference is obviously draft BPA at #31, Margus Hunt at #34 and Jamar Taylor at #94. (We might have to move up a few spots by burning a late round pick to take Jamar Taylor.

Scenario 2a:
If we've taken a CB at #31, say Slay or Trufant (doubtful), and Philip Thomas S at #61 and Lattimore checks out, than take Lattimore at #94 if you like.

Either way, we've strengthened our secondary, our pass rush, (as a rookie, Hunt can spell Cowboy while he apprentices) and we found Gore's replacement.

Scenario 2b:
Or, take Brandon Williams at NT, and have an immediate upgrade over Soap. I actually like this the best, because Williams is quicker than Soap and would do a better job of collapsing the middle of the pocket. That would make it harder to double team out DEs. Which would make it easier for our OLBs to get sacks, and not expose our secondary as much.
First, I left out a number, its our first , our second third, and our second seventh to move to 23. It's close using the trade value chart but we may need to throw in our 6th also.

I had soured for awhile on Walker after watching him drop passes. I think he'll rebound though. He's so valuable being versatile and with his blocking. I think we'll keep him as a second FB/HB type. We need another true route running tall TE. We'll see more 2 and even 3 TE sets. I see us keeping 2 FB's and 3 TE's and only 5 WR's in the future based on what Harbaugh likes to do.

I'm not a Tebow fan, but I could see it as a possibilty of someone to come in as the backup that could run the run option. If Harbaugh can improve his passing, we then trade him in the future. We most likey will get a different QB like Johnson or one in the draft.
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AJ Jenkins
AJ Jenkins
maybe: Lockette
Originally posted by jobiwon:
AJ Jenkins?
maybe: Lockette???
Originally posted by jobiwon:
AJ Jenkins
maybe: Lockette

Don't think you can rely on Manningham being ready for the start of the season. Barden or Nelson aren't exactly the greatest of options and financially would probably cost more than draft picks. My feeling is that the Niners need one big WR with speed in the draft plus another slot WR type with special teams ability.
Most of the time we'll only have two WR's on the field with mutiple TE sets. Look for Walker, VD, and Ertz in the slot also. If we get Nelson, he did real weel from the slot in Buffalo.