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WR Terrel Sinkfield NIU - 40 time..... 4.19

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Originally posted by niners_guy:
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
There's quite a bit of skepticism about that's the BL: he caught 43 balls for 499 yds (11.6 per catch) and 4 TD's...the longest of which was 32 yds. If he was really that fast, don't you think his numbers would reflect it? Speed is great...but you have to catch the ball and then do something with it. His numbers are pretty in my mind, no matter what he ran the 40 in, it doesn't pass the "so what" test.

I'm not advocating for the guy and as skeptical as most, but if you look at the highlight reel he has no QB that can get the ball to him deep. It looks like everything he catches he has to stop for or come back to.

Yeah, who was the Qb throwing to him? If an UDFA I would definetely give him a look.

So um guys if we don't draft a speed and shifty receiver earlier on (Tavon Austin, Marquise goodwin) we should definitely take a look at this guy later. He has decent size too 6'0-6'1 195-200 pounds.

I didn't look at him until today because I figured he was just a track guy with no football skills, but based off his highlight tape (lol highlight tape, I know) he actually appears to be more than a track guy and can play some football. He makes some nice catches in the video and also shows some good YAC ability. Maybe he can play a return role as well.

By the way, I do think the 49ers have some genuine interest in Tavon Austin and it is not some kind of smoke screen. I believe Harbaugh is looking for our own Percy Harvin and one who can stay healthy! Just to give a big f**k you to Pete Carroll and Seattle.
Oh and holy s**t by the way, his mediocre production must have been largely due to the s**tty offense he was in and also s**tty quarterback play. Check out the 1:28 mark in the video, streaking wide ass open down the field and his qb threw a shaun hill duck fart flutter ball, lol.
I dont know, IMO that video does not show 4.19 speed. Looks more like a 4.5 guy to me given the competition in those videos.
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Originally posted by 5280High:
I dont know, IMO that video does not show 4.19 speed. Looks more like a 4.5 guy to me given the competition in those videos.

Not sure how you can quantify that from just looking at YouTube clips, but that aside...if he's legitimately a sub 4.3 guy, I say he's worth a late round pick and hopefully a spot on the practice squad. Obviously they'll scout him much more closely, but from just that video (which is all this amateur scout has to go on), he shows great body adjustment to poorly thrown balls (and most of them were bad balls) and he seemed like a real natural hands-catcher.
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