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Realistic Post-Combine Mock

Don't understand the Johnathan Cyprien hype. I'd take Eric Reid over him easily.
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I got as far as this - 1st Round: WR Tavon Austin WVU 5'8" 174 - and stopped reading.
Originally posted by SFrush:
Don't understand the Johnathan Cyprien hype. I'd take Eric Ried over him easily.

Me either the guy had a good senior bowl they said but those QB's are terrible almost every safety was good even Bacari Rambo plus he didn't perform at combine need more. Reid is my favorite safety after Vaccaro of course causes turnovers.
U really think Slay will last til end of 4th round? I know anything can happen but I'm doubtful
Originally posted by mike86:
2013 NFL Draft
49ers Trade 3rd (Panthers), 5th and 7th Round Pick for Mid-2nd Round Pick
49ers Trade 4th Round Pick, 6th Round Pick, 7th Round Pick for 3rd Round Pick
49ers Trade 2 7th Round Picks for 6th Round Pick

1st Round: WR Tavon Austin WVU 5'8" 174
The most explosive player in this year's draft, Austin gives the 49ers a dynamic weapon as a WR, RB and KR. He is the perfect compliment to a physical WR like Michael Crabtree on the other side.

NFL Comparison: Percy Harvin

2nd Round: DL Datone Jones UCLA 6'4" 282
Jones is a non-stop, blue-collar DL whose best fit is as a DE in a 3-4. Jones has a huge frame and plays with the type of intensity and violence that 49ers coaches love. He is a great pickup as the heir apparent to Justin Smith.

NFL Comparison: Darnell Dockett

2nd Round: S John Cyprien Florida Int'l 6'1" 209
With Goldson likely gone, the 49ers need to find a playmaker at FS and Cyprien is the 2nd best safety in the class (behind Vaccaro) for my money. Cyprien is equally adept at playing close to the box as he is diagnosing plays and making moves on the ball. He's not Goldson, but he's a pretty good replacement.

NFL Comparison: Michael Griffin

2nd Round: OLB Jamie Collins Southern Miss 6'3" 245
An athletic freak who's flying up draft boards, Collins should be available in late 2nd/early 3rd round. The depth at OLB behind Smith and Brooks is atrocious and the 49ers felt that when Smith got dinged up in the last few games of the year and his production suffered. Collins can come in a be a situational pass rusher early on while contributing to special teams.

NFL Comparison: Bruce Irvin

3rd Round: NT Brandon Williams Missouri Southern St. 6'2" 341
Williams is a MASSIVE but incredibly athletic NT prospect. He plays with good leverage and is almost impossible to move off the ball. He should come in a compete for a starting spot from day 1.

NFL Comparison: Casey Hampton

3rd Round: OC Barrett Jones Alabama 6'4" 306
Jones is a rock solid OG / C prospect. He isn't the most physically gifted player, but he's incredibly heady and technically sound. With Jonathan Goodwin becoming a FA after this season, Jones should become the next in line.

NFL Comparison: Max Unger

4th Round: CB Darius Slay Miss St. 6'0" 192
Slay is a CB with his stock on the rise. Slay posted one of the more impressive combines for CBs and a re-examination of film by scouts revealed a physical, athletically gifted CB who can really match up with WRs on the outside.

5th Round: K Dustin Hopkins FSU 6'1" 186
Hopkins is the most talented K in the draft this year with a huge left and solid accuracy.

6th Round: CB Tyrann Mathieu LSU 5'9" 174
Here the 49ers can afford to take a chance. Mathieu is fiery, talented CB who projects as a solid slot coverman. He brings some added value as a return man and special teams gunner.

6th Round: QB Matt Scott Arizona 6'2" 202
Scott is an athletic QB with a solid arm talent, in terms of both strength and accuracy. He had a strong senior season at Arizona and brings some developmental upside.

Pretty good. I'd like to see us trade a couple of our picks for picks next year. Mathieu and Matt Scott will be gone in the 4th or 5th. But overall, I like
I'm generally opposed to drafting a "pure" NT when there are a number of "bigs" who can play inside and out...guys like the Williams' (Sylvester & Jesse), Hankins, Jenkins, et al. I agree Baalke will trade some picks...not sure how many, but that depends on how badly Harbaugh wants certain players. Taking a smallish WR with their #1 pick isn't likely to happen...they want some size opposite Crabtree, so guys like Patterson, Hunter and Rogers would be better candidates. Nothing against Datone Jones, but he's not a guy who's likely to play inside...which is why Harbaugh/Fangio like JS and RayMac, they can do that. It's why I'd draft Sylvester Williams in a heartbeat...not to mention he has tremendous size and quickness. Versatility...that's the name of the game on the DL and the OL. Look at both those groups now...why wouldn't Baalke continue what's been so successful? Like the Cyprien and Collins picks. I'm kind of conflicted WRT Brandon Williams...he's a very good "big"...sure wish he was a little taller and could also play DE. But, if we lose RFJ and don't re-sign Sopoaga, he'd be a pretty good pick there. Barrett Jones is a good OL...but as stated, w/Looney and Kilgore waiting in the wings, I'd agree a swing OT would be a better addition. My guess is Looney will take over from Goodwin...Joe's a bad-ass, but also very smart, two key ingredients in a franchise C. Don't really have a problem with the rest of the picks, but I doubt Scott will last 'til the 6th rd. He showed well at the Shrine Game, which won't be lost on NFL scouts. If Harbaalke wants him, they may have to pull the trigger in 4th/5th rd. Overall, I don't think there's potentially open roster spots for 10 new players. Sure, some might be PS candidates. Just remember how tough it was for rookies to make the 2012 roster...won't be much easier in 2013.
Not realistic
don't we all wish. this will never ever happen
Tyrann Mathieu won't fall all the way into the 6th round. Way too good of a football player despite all his troubles. I don't think he'll last any later than the 4th round.
You forgot the "Un-" in the title....

Anything pretty much after the 2nd round, with the exception of Hopkins, is awfully unrealistic. Barrett Jones won't fall that far, Matt Scott sure as hell won't fall that far, Mathieu won't fall that far and Slay won't fall that far, he's mid 3rd round at worst right now.
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Unfortunately, not all the 7th round picks you have us trading are tradeable. If we get 3 compensatory picks as has been predicted, with 2 of those in the 7th round, we still cannot trade those. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.

I like the players though..
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Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
This mock is realistically not going to happen! Those players you listed will be gone!

A midget WR as our 1st pick when we need desperately secondary help and Justin Smiths grooming replacement. I think not my friend
Originally posted by 49ersHeroine:
A midget WR as our 1st pick when we need desperately secondary help and Justin Smiths grooming replacement. I think not my friend

Considering this draft is mega-deep between Rounds 2 and 4 in terms of the secondary talent, an explosive, game-breaking wide receiver that is a viable threat to take it to the house anytime he's out on the field will provide a better impact than a backup DE that plays less than 10% of the snaps or a backup CB that plays on special teams and watches from the bench while the 49ers are on defense.

I would love to get Sheldon Richardson or Datone Jones but it may be that neither one of them is around, in anycase, no backup DE will play much of a role with this team next year, so for true impact, I'm down with someone like Austin.
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